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Our tick barrier spray treatment delivers an effective way for you to deal with your tick problem before they cause damage to your yard by safely eliminating ticks that have camped out in your yard. Call your local Lawn Doctor professional at 800-845-0580 to spray your yard for ticks and help make sure they don’t come back. Assessment: Our experts will assess the problem and determine where your yard needs to be treated. Tick control barrier spays and removal: We use a variety of treatment solutions to reduce the threat of ticks in your yard and work to prevent them from returning.
Prevention and Treatment: Your local Lawn Doctor will treat and re-treat your yard to make sure your yard is a safe and enjoyable space for you and your family.
Our Yard Armour® services were designed to remove the ticks that have invaded your yard. Because of the potential risks that ticks can cause, like Lime disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever,  it is essential that you speak to your local Lawn Doctor tick control professional for the best ways to spray your yard to keep these dangerous insects out.

If you are interested in tick barrier spray in your yard or other Yard Armour® treatment options contact your local Lawn Doctor professional at 800-845-0580 or fill out a contact form today.
Customers can request expert advice, sign up for auto pay and purchase additional services. If you or a loved one gets a tick bite, they can be difficult to remove safely, and a serious illness like Lime disease often follows.
Our local professionals use their expertise tolocate areas of your yard prone to tick infestations and Yard Amour® tick control does the rest. Areas that are hidden by decks and porches, low-hanging trees with lots of cover, sheds, and other structures that provide shade and a cool, moist environment are a perfect breeding ground for ticks.
You can count on Lawn Doctor to safely, quickly, and effectively reduce the ticks that are preventing you from enjoying your yard. Our lawn professionals will work with you to reduce the threat of ticks and leave you enjoying your lawn day in and day out.

Your local Lawn Doctor will help you find a solution to remove the areas that are hiding the ticks in your yard.
Whether it’s for your wedding, a milestone birthday or just a get together in your yard, we can help. Our professionals understand ticks and will determine where they are living in your yard and the best way to remove them.
Contact your local Lawn Doctor today to learn more about our special event sprays and tick control services!
If at any time you are dissatisfied with your yard treatments, we will work to reapply treatments or  refund the amount of your last service.

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