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After spending an entire afternoon cleaning up after them – emptying all the drawers and cupboards, washing all of their contents, vacuuming up the droppings and sanitizing, it is time to do battle with your cute little poachers. You hate to use mouse traps on the little darlings, but seeing them return again and again, you realize they have left you no alternative. So, in determining what are the best mouse trap baits you need to take into consideration all their sensory gifts and appeal to those senses, especially that of smell. Besides chocolate (in the form of a syrup placed in just the right spot on the trap), they are drawn to the rich smell of vanilla extract.

Hopefully the above will help you if you find yourself facing off in battle with these clever but intrusive rodents. They are rather cute little creatures at that, although it can send you into cardiac arrest if one crosses your path unexpectedly.
So you buy the mousetraps and decide what strategic locations would be best to place them in. Otherwise, that sneaky little critter might manage to steal it away, leaving you with an empty trap!

All it takes is an opening of one-fourth inch and they can set up housekeeping in your living space!

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