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Termites are well known for their nest building activities, since they can be considered the premier architects in the animal kingdom. Besides nest construction, termites tunnel and burrow extensively, so they contribute a lot to soil aeration and fertilization. A piece of wood that is or has been eaten by termites will always reveal an intricate latticework of galleries, passageways, and tunnels, which in many species will often be paved over with earth by the worker termites, slowly replacing the wood that is being eaten.
In the subfamily Macrotermitinae, the termites construct fungus gardens that look somewhat like beehive honeycombs inside their nests, which are either subterranean or inside mounds.

Many termite species of the subfamily Nasutitermitinae (like Lacessititermes) construct arboreal nests. There are also species that construct small epigeal pillar nests that are flask or cone shaped, normally by species from the Termitinae subfamily.
In the tropics, termites play a major role in this regard (besides that of earthworms and ants). Once thoroughly consumed, the termites abandon the wood, leaving behind mostly their earthworks underneath the surface of the piece of wood or log that they were eating.

These fungus gardens are all composed of wood and plant matter, upon which grows fungus of the genus Termitomyces that break down the lignin in wood. These nests probably seem to mainly serve the purpose of ventilation, and not for housing the colony, as most of the time there are only a few termites inside them, with the bulk of the colony probably below ground level.

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