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The technology of non repellents such as Taurus SC is an advancement over other termite insecticides that are only repellent barriers such as Talstar P, Cyper TC or Permethrin 36 %. With termiticides, the smallest of gaps in the treated soil can be detected and exploited by the termites to gain entry into the building. For many years, the traditional method of controlling subterranean termites was to apply a liquid pesticide, known as a termiticide, to the soil.
Even where access for termite treatment is possible, it is difficult to uniformly wet soil and achieve thorough coverage. Most termiticides are not as stable in the soil as termiticides that were manufactured prior to 1989.
There are several different insecticides currently used by pest control operators for termite soil treatments.
For an excellent article: Fate of Insecticides Used for Termite Control in Soil, by Shripat T.
Homes and other buildings can be pretreated to protect them against termite attack at the time of construction. For effective pretreatment termite proofing, much of the chemical barrier needs to put under the concrete slabs.
Basement construction may require treatment which injects termiticides into the soil through holes drilled in the basement floor at regular intervals.

Crawl space treatment also involves trenching or rodding soil along the foundation walls and around piers and pipes, then applying termiticides to the soil. In certain areas of the country you may encounter different types of termites, such as Formosan, damp wood, dry wood, etc. Changing the soil along the foundation such as digging or removal of treated soil can encourage termites to your home. Disturbing the termite treatment may void any termite warranty that you may have on your home. Disturbing the termite treatment may void any termite warranty that you may have in your home.
However, it must be emphasized that spot treating the wood is not a complete termite treatment in that it will not stop the termites from attacking the wood in other areas.
Data provided by product manufacturers indicate that termites do not extend their tubes over treated wood nor do they cause any structural damage. This chemical treatment relied on the application of a chemical barrier around and beneath the structure designed to block all possible routes of termite entry.
Many possible termite entry points are hidden behind walls, floor coverings, and other obstructions. Soil clay content, pH, Organic matter content, particularly organic carbon content will greatly influence the rate of breakdown of the termiticide in soil.

Obviously it is easier to put out the barrier termite treatment BEFORE a slab has been poured. Calling in a professional pest control service may be necessary, as their experience can locate the specific areas in your structure where termite attack is likely to occur. If your home is infested with one of these termites, it may require different or more extensive treatment procedures including wood treatment and fumigation. Important areas for treatments could be in the crawlspace and parts of the framing in a house under construction. Any termites attempting to penetrate through the treated soil were either killed or repelled. Considering that termites can tunnel through small untreated gaps in the soil as thin as a pencil lead, it is understandable why the chemical liquid termite treatments have failed to correct termite problems at times. After it has been poured, it will need to be drilled, and a chemical injected under the slab to seal off termite entry points.

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