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Alternative Termite Management offers a variety of alternative methods for termite and pest control. One-Time Treatment Description (Click on image to see rates)Single service treatments are great for people who like to do their own pest control, yet need a "booster shot" that will give them a strong residual and immediate knockdown of current pest. One-Time Treatment Description (Click on image to see rates)Monthly service treatments include:Perimeter residual protection using emulsified products, Garage treatment, Interior treatment (When needed), Exterior web dusting, Service guarantee (requires service agreement), Two year price guarantee (requires service agreement), See initial service description for initial treatment details. Bi-Monthly Service Description (Click on image to see rates)Bi-Monthly service treatments include: Perimeter residual protection using encapsulated products, Garage treatment, Interior treatment (When needed), Exterior web dusting, Service guarantee (requires service agreement), Two year price guarantee (requires service agreement), See initial service description for initial treatment details. SCORPION SERVICESWe offer two services: Scorpion Treatments and Scorpion Hunts (Conducted at night)We currently have a promotion when you order online. Chances are that if landed on this page, you live in the Phoenix area and your researching treatment options for dry wood termites. When considering liquid tentless termite treatment services consumers need to be aware of the proposed product that will be used and the method of application. Popular products like Termidor, and Premise 75 will kill all types of termites upon contact, but will rarely penetrate a two by four by more than a ? inch. In order for a liquid termite treatment to be most effective the exterminator should have direct access to infested areas.
Homeowners faced with several 1000s in fumigation costs should carefully consider all options including tentless termite treatment. Drywood termites are destructive and when an infestation is discovered consumers should seek professional advice.

Go to our online order page and at checkout, enter promo code: SCORPIO to receive a discount for service. Arizona is home to several unique species of termites one of which is the Western Dry wood. This Tentless termite treatment option provides the best balance of getting rid of the infestation and providing long term protection against re-infestation.
Application is critical because dry wood termites nest deep within the wood and using just any product that kills termites is not enough. We provide safe, effective termite treatment services for your home or business at affordable rates. Unlike the more common subterranean type termites, dry woods generally do not nest underground or in soil. Often referred to as the “flying termite” they can be unknowingly brought into homes concealed within infested wood items or furniture. Costs for these types of service are consistent with liquid treatments and homeowners may incur additional costs to remove drywall or paneling. Conventional soil treatments that are effective against subterranean termites provide little protection against this unique species. It is important to locate all areas of infestation, identify conditions conducive to nesting termites and other conditions that may dictate the best service options. Tent fumigations require the homeowner to vacate for 3-4 days and remove a laundry list of items before the service.

Depending upon the areas needing service this option can be completed for a quarter to half the cost of tent fumigation. Given Arizona’s dry climate few products even when properly applied will reach nesting termites. Consideration should be given to getting rid of the termites and also getting a service that provides long term protection.
Discovering any infestation early can save a homeowner several thousand dollars in damage repair costs and diminish resale value. For more information about tentless termite treatment or drywood termite heat treatment services give us a call. In fact drywood termites prefer to nest within the wood they are feasting on while subterranean types live underground.
Considering a tentless termite treatment can be an excellent idea for getting rid of these critters.

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