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C-THRU Termite Detection is the most comprehensive termite inspection available in the industry today. This non-invasive, non-intrusive and non-destructive termite inspection uses a specially designed Thermal Imaging Camera – the most superior form of detection in the pest industry – so our technicians can detect termites before damage is visible. Whether you’re adding a room, a shed, a pergola or even some new paving, you need to add termite protection between the new structure and the soil. It’s also important to have regular termite inspections as part of your home maintenance schedule. A friendly Murray Pest Control Customer Service Advisor can answer any questions and offer a free, no obligation quote to protect your valuable property from termites. Murray Pest Control is proudly SA owned and operated with more than 5 decades of experience and an extensive branch network covering Adelaide and all areas of regional South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Our family owned business has been delivering professional pest control services to metropolitan Adelaide since 1988. Pest & Termite InspectionsOur professional pest inspection services can detect unwanted pest and recommend and quote on treatments for a range of insects, rodents and possums.
Termite Treatment is most effective if the termites take our special bait back to the nest to kill the whole termite colony. Follow our simple home owner checklist to help decide if you require a consultation by one of our licensed termite pest control experts. An existing termite treatment in the soil can be disturbed or broken by building activity, so treating the new area is essential and wise.
The Australian Standard & the CSIRO recommend a Visual Termite Inspection and Report should be performed at least once every 12 months and more often if conditions conducive to termite attack are present.

Our termite treatments are very popular with new home builders as well as providing older homes with a greater level of protection. The first house I had inspected they discovered and showed the termite damage already done!
Only a qualified pest technician can provide a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection, reporting on termite and borer activity as well as fungal decay and conditions conducive to future termite infestations.

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