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Whilst we are not termite inspectors, one of the things we are always looking out for is previous termite damage.
As home inspections are performed, all accessible, visual home areas will be checked for any termite activity.
I, or your agent, can suggest some good termite treatment companies that you, or the seller of the home, can choose from if termites are found. To do termite treatments in Kansas and Missouri, the company must be licensed in both states.

Pest management tips are included in the folder that you will receive after the inspection. This can be difficult to determine without a thorough termite inspection, which we always recommend.
Please be advised that a termite inspector must be licensed in order to inspect homes for termites for a real estate transaction. This photo, from a Forrestfield home inspection,  shows previous termite damage to a supporting floor beam loacted in the crawl space of the home.

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