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Temprid SC is a Suspension Concentrate insecticide when the two active ingredients combine it provides a quick knockdown and long residual control. Temprid SC (Suspension Concentrate Formulation) insecticide is an easy-to-use and provides quick knockdown and long residual control of more than 50 pests by combining the broad spectrum, fast-acting control of beta-cyfluthrin with the systemic residual control of imidacloprid to provide premium performance and effecacy. Broad spectrum insecticide - controls perimeter pests that some competitive products don't. Temprid SC combines the fast-acting, broad-spectrum control of beta-cyfluthrin with the systemic residual control of imidacloprid to provide premium performance and efficacy. Unlike many heavy-duty bed bug sprays, Temprid is labeled for use on carpet and upholstered furniture. Temprid SC offers a unique dual-action approach, combining two residual insecticides with great results. We have a 300 room hotel in the heart of New York and use temprid regularly to treat our rooms. We did a thorough process of removing all clothing and hot drying them, shampooing the carpets, and thoroughly applying Temprid SC to the walls, baseboards, carpets, and wood furniture. The 400 ml container of Temprid SC provides enough concentrate to make 20 gallons of water mixed solution at the 8 ml strength recommendation.

Temprid SC Insecticide is indeed a great product which can be used for other concerns other than bedbugs.
I was successful getting rid of bedbugs at my daughter's house using Temprid SC Insecticide per instructions. I will most assuredly purchase more Temprid SC Insecticide in the near future and I easily give Temprid SC Insecticide five star review.
Combining beta-cyfluthrin with imidacloprid gives Temprid quick knockdown power as well as long-lasting residual effect. Temprid SC's dual-action formula is effective against all strains of bed bugs, even killing eggs and newly-hatched nymphs.
To get started, all you have to do is mix 8 mL of Temprid with a gallon of water, shake it up, and start spraying.
Temprid has an active ingredient that is not approved by CT for residential use, so we cannot sell it there. That means that you must follow the individual product labels and MSDS to ensure safe and effective usage. A single application of Temprid can control bed bugs (as well as tons of other pests) for up to six months.

Temprid works especially well as a perimeter control for many pests - spraying outside of your home, especially around the foundations, will help ward off over 50 types of pests.
A single application of Temprid will protect the perimeter against over 50 types of pests for up to 6 months. Usually, the label instructs that you remove any children or pets before applying products, and that nobody should contact the items sprayed until they are dry. You can apply Temprid on the folds and seams of your mattress, box spring, or upholstered furniture. It is even safe for use before a heat treatment - a portable heater, like a PackTite, won't damage anything that has been treated with Temprid. Unlike most competing perimeter control products, Temprid is backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are serious about taking down your bed bug infestation, start using Temprid right away.

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