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Tempo Ultra WP has a fast knockdown kill, meaning the minute they come in contact with the insecticide they will die. It would be fine to vaccum the area, however, we advise not to clean it with bleach, as it will reduce the residual time of the Tempo Ultra WP. Tempo Ultra WP is a pyrethroid-based insecticide that is highly effective at controlling a broad range of insect pests, especially those found on turf and landscape ornamentals.
Tempo Ultra WP is a wettable powder concentrate that is mixed with water and applied with a sprayer such as the Chapin Premier 1 gallon hand pump sprayer.
Tempo Ultra WP is a superior choice among outdoor perimeter treatments because of its rapid knockdown of a broad spectrum of insects.
Use Tempo Ultra WP as a general surface, spot, mist, or crack and crevice treatment in and around buildings and structures, or as a broadcast application to turf and foliar application to ornamental plants.
Use 10-20 grams of Tempo (measuring scoop is included) per gallon of water in a hand sprayer. I had bought & used this before Tempo Ultra WP and it still work great fighting box elder bugs!
Tempo Ultra WSP Insecticide is used for broad-spectrum control targeting a variety of flying, crawling, and wood-infesting pests that are both indoor and outdoor. Cyfluthrin, the active ingredient in Tempo® Ultra, is in the pyrethroid chemical class. Tempo Ultra acts as a contact insecticide affecting both the central and peripheral nervous systems of target pests with secondary activity as a stomach poison.
Mild to moderate overpronators rejoice as the Zoot Ultra Tempo gives them the much-desired levelling of the playing field. Being a guidance pair of shoes, the Tempo would definitely give you the support and the powerful steps that would eventually bring you to that finish line.
The Zoot Ultra Tempo is a stability running shoe that is meant to be an answer to the growing need of pronators to run in the same level as the others.
The Zoot Ultra Tempo is a great pair of stability running shoes that promises good support and pronation control to everyone. The Zoot Ultra Tempo is really meant to be used on flat and even surfaces such as the road, gravel and track. The Zoot Ultra Tempo is an exceptional stability running shoe as it has a relatively light weight.
The Zoot Ultra Tempo is known for its relatively low heel height as compared to the other zoot shoes. The Zoot Ultra Tempo has a really high heel to toe drop which is disappointing for those people who want to be able to run in the most natural way possible. The midsole of the Zoot Ultra Tempo is equipped with the revolutionary Z-Bound technology, which gives decent cushioning and which allows for a very responsive and bouncy ride.
The upper of the Zoot Ultra Tempo is the usual upper made of mesh material for great breathability and comfort.
The Zoot Ultra Tempo, though, won’t really give you a really hard time during purchase as it looks good and it has the technical construction that you would need in order to perform well during a race. The heel cushioning of the Zoot Ultra Tempo is compromised for better stability and faster transitions.

The forefoot cushioning of the Zoot Ultra Tempo is slightly better than its heel cushioning.
The Zoot Ultra Tempo is the solution to the growing need of lightweight stability running shoes in the market.
The Ultra Tempo, other than being lightweight, is a very responsive yet flexible pair that would allow you to sustain long runs without much pressure and stress to your feet. The Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0 is rich with such features, making it one of the more updated shoes out there in the market.
The Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0 also features the new Z-Bound technology that allows the pair to have less weight yet have better cushioning.
The new QuickLace design and a lower heel is also something unique to the Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0 which allows you to easily wear and remove the shoe. In spite of everything that’s new with the Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0, it retains the signature features of the company which has already been proven and tested.
The Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0 is a lightweight and responsive type of stability shoe that is created by Zoot. For Tri athletes who follow ZOOT’s expertise in triathlon technology, then the ZOOT Ultra Tempo 5.0 is something they should have in their shoe rack. The most obvious reviews come first of all from the shoe’s toned down look from the previous model as well as its ultra modern and sleeker form. The Ultra Tempo 5.0 is a favorite for people who do daily workouts, do their everyday errands to the store, pick up kids from school, or make casual runs in the village, as well as the serious Tri athletes who compete in races. The unpredictably great reviews circulating in the industry are coming from runners looking for a great stability shoe. Lastly, people in general are divided by the black, yellow and white combinations of the Zoot Ultra Tempo 4.0. Tempo Ultra WP Insecticide - 14.8 oz (420 g) Powder Buy $65.95 for Sale Fast Free Shipping Pest Supply with Cheaper! Tempo Ultra WP Insecticide - 14.8 oz (420 g) Powder provides broad-spectrum control of crawling and flying pests on indoor and outdoor surfaces, including in and around livestock premises. Tempo WP lasts up to 30 days in one application and safe enough to use around food handling facilities. Tempo Ultra WP provides a fast knockdown and kill and leaves a residual that keeps killing insects for up to 30 days. Once applied according to the label directions, Tempo Ultra WP dries and leaves a residual of active ingredient for pests to contact for 30 to 90 days. Equally effective at controlling structural, ornamental and turf bugs, Tempo can also be used in food-handling establishments.
For applications where this is a concern, consider using a liquid concentrate, such as Tempo SC Ultra. The Zoot Ultra Tempo is the company’s staple stability running shoes that would bring runners a responsive ride yet not disregarding much-needed support. With the pair’s architecture and construction, along with the different features that this pair has, the Zoot Ultra Tempo really stays true to its purpose. However, the Zoot Ultra Tempo can endure long and unending runs without showing much signs of wear and tear.

Meant for those overpronators who would have the same weight advantage as the others, the Ultra Tempo really is a great pair. The Zoot Ultra Tempo, more especially, isn’t really receiving the spotlight that it deserves. There have been many companies who have released a running shoe similar to the Zoot Ultra Tempo. Ultimately, the ZOOT Ultra Tempo 5.0 is a fantasy come true for people, mostly Tri athletes who want effortless foot entry, lightning-fast switch to running and dry, odorless feet. It is a sure bet that the ultra aggressive Marvel hero would have fought much better had he been wearing the Tempo 4.0 minus his spandex.
Tempo WP is an odorless insecticide, please use caution when using around children or pets.
The active ingredient in Tempo Ultra WP is Cyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that attacks the central nervous system of target pests. One jar of Tempo WP has done great around one house that is 2400 sq ft and another at 2200 sq ft and inside and outside of a 2200 sq ft garage. I use the Tempo Ultra WP, I follow the instructions, and I can be honest about this the roaches went crazy. Yes I used the fast, free shipping and I had the Tempo Ultra in three days and that is fast! The Tempo gives them everything that they need in order to have the same chance of winning as the others. The Ultra Tempo costs $140, a good investment yet slight more expensive than other shoes of the same kind. Most of the fantastic comments coming from overpronators are the Tempo 4.0’s sufficient support and stability for such a lightweight shoe. Though Tempo Ultra WP is tough on insects, it is very gentle on people and pets when used correctly. I recently tried Tempo Ultra on a hardy infestation of aphids that other bug sprays failed to clear. However, among the three, the Zoot Ultra Tempo is the one which provides the most features, although consequently, it is also the most expensive. Thanks to Tempo Ultra WP I was able to get rid of all the insects in my house and even spayed some on the garden to prevent any infestation there as well. After moving in and immediately discovering silverfish, lady bugs and spiders I applied Ultra WP and now we are bug free and have stayed that way.
I bought Tempo Ultra WP since it was cheap and since I had once seen it with an exterminator. We watch our 20 month old grandson in our house and I can trust Ultra WP to work and keep him safe from insects.

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