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Category: How To Get Rid Of Fleas In House | 11.08.2014
Tempo Ultra WP has a fast knockdown kill, meaning the minute they come in contact with the insecticide they will die. It would be fine to vaccum the area, however, we advise not to clean it with bleach, as it will reduce the residual time of the Tempo Ultra WP.
Tempo WP lasts up to 30 days in one application and safe enough to use around food handling facilities. Tempo WP is an odorless insecticide, please use caution when using around children or pets.

But then I realized that if I applied the insecticide myself then my problem would be solved.
I wanted an insecticide that has a lesser cost than others but would not have effects lasting only three days or a week. Thanks to Tempo Ultra WP I was able to get rid of all the insects in my house and even spayed some on the garden to prevent any infestation there as well. I bought Tempo Ultra WP since it was cheap and since I had once seen it with an exterminator.

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