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Talpirid Mole Bait is a mole bait designed, developed, and scientifically proven to kill moles. Ready to use Talpirid Mole Bait has a unique size, shape, and feel that mimic a mole's natural food source, the earthworm, and its active ingredient capitalizes on a mole's physiology. One box of Talpirid contains 20 worms, enough for two typical treatments (sufficient bait to kill several moles).
Talpirid Mole Bait is a great mole killer if you put it in the right place (where the moles are traveling). Make a hole in the top of the runway with a rod lightly larger than the diameter of the bait. The presence of moles may be indicated by a network of subsurface runways in the turf or by a series of conical mounds of earth pushed up from deep burrows.
To bait deep tunnels, drop one Talpirid worm through the probe hole, using the probe to push the bait completely into the tunnel.
1 Talpirid box (20 worms) is enough for two typical treatments Bait in unopened sealed box will last up to 1 year in controlled environment. Five (5) to 7 days after bait application, check for mole activity using the same procedure for determining initial activity. I have been using Talpirid for eight years and depend on the quality to kill off those pesky moles.
Last year was the last straw, as my beautifully manicured yard , which attracted many earthworms, became a motocross track for many families of moles and their close neighbors, the voles. Lamenting my malaise to an owner of a landscape company, she recommended the Talpirid Mole Bait.

Talpirid is the first and only mole bait designed, developed and scientifically proven to kill moles. Talpirid's size, shape and feel let moles consume the bait in the same manner as its primary food source, the earthworm. Talpirid Mole Bait is our number one seller for mole control and is not matched as a mole bait.
After much research and development, Bell Labs has manufactured Talpirid Mole Bait to closely resemble the earthworm (the mole's preferred food source). In field and laboratory tests, Talpirid Mole Bait has achieved outstanding acceptance and control. Drop one worm into the runway, using the rod to push any exposed bait completely into the runway.
Subsurface runways are indicated by raised ridges of vegetation and soil caused by moles foraging for food just below the soil surface.
These deep tunnels systems are often marked by a series of conical mounds (piles of dirt) 4 to 12 inches high formed when dirt is pushed to the surface when moles construct these tunnels. We restrict our shipments of talpirid during the hottest days of the year, but unfortunately we can't control the temperature during transit (those trucks can get really hot inside).
Talpirid worms are placed in tunnels and burrows which are active and as the local mole passes through it will grab the offering every time.
Talpird Mole Bait is also the only mole bait on the market that has submitted tests to the EPA with laboratory efficacy tests on moles.
Repeat bait application every 5 to 10 feet of each active deep tunnel and within 5 feet of each active conical mound.

Chemicals that are applied before or after (within a few days) of applying Talpirid can affect the bait by contamination. If you bait without ever doing a test to find the active tunnel(s), than the bait may never be encountered and eaten by moles. Researchers put Talpirid's bait performance to the test throughout the United States, examining its effectiveness on various moles species, different soil types and baiting conditions and it has been top rated. Check for the effects of treatment 5 to 7 days after bait application using the same procedure for determining tunnel location.
At that point a lethal dose of bromethalin will be ingested causing the mole to die in a day or two.
Main tunnels lead to dens and foraging tributaries are where moles go off looking for food. The more exploration holes the better because once you identify where moles are using the same tunnel more then once, you can start to bait.
Upon inspection, you will see the hole is sealed from the inside; moles passing through instinctively fix open sections of their tunnel. Check the placement every 12-24 hours and when you see the worm is missing or the hole is sealed, you will know the mole took the bait. Make inspection holes now; by the time your order arrives you will probably know where to start baiting.

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