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Less common, but more dangerous, are bites from skunks, raccoons, bats, and other animals that live in the wild. Self-care can be used for dog and cat bites that cause scratches on the skin and for insect bites that do not cause a severe allergic reaction.
Talk of spiders came up in class yesterday and I mentioned that the one thing I am terrified of is a Camel Spider.
Below are two photos – one of a bite from one of these spiders and one of two of them fighting so you can see the size of them.

All human bites that break the skin should be checked by a doctor due to the high risk for infection.
Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction usually happen soon after or within an hour of the sting. The Solifugae is a different order from the true spiders (order Araneae) and the scorpions (order Scorpiones).
Camel spiders are not venomous, but they do utilize digestive fluids to liquefy their victims’ flesh, making it easy to suck the remains into their stomachs.

Much like a spider, the body of a Solifugid has two tagmata: an opisthosoma (abdomen) behind the prosoma (that is, in effect, a combined head and thorax).

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