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Our clients (our philosophy is customer for life) can go through all of the educational resources and information available to procure vast knowledge about the various pest control and extermination issues that exists. When bed bug pests (Cimex lectularius) have adequate available blood sources they also have a shorter lifespan. Boundary pushing architectural firm Zecc Architects breathed a decidedly modern life into an old world cathedral in the Netherlands by redesigning it from the ground up, turning an antiquated house of worship into a stunningly beautiful home. Despite their resemblance to beetles, jewel bugs are hemipterans or true bugs.[5] The scutellum is an extension of the thorax, unlike the elytra of beetles which are hardened forewings. Though some species are quite drab,[10] the most conspicuous jewel bugs are often brilliantly colored, exhibiting a wide range of iridescent metallic hues that change with the view angle.[6] The colors are the result of a combination of factors.
Iridescence (or goniochromism) in jewel bugs like Poecilocoris lewisi are the result of structural coloration. In other species like the African shield bug (Calidea panaethiopica), the dorsal cuticle is dotted with tiny regularly spaced hemispherical cavities.
Jewel bugs are also known to mimic the colors, patterns, and shape of other organisms for defensive purposes.

A cluster of the empty barrel-shaped shaped eggs of the Koa bug (Coleotichus blackburniae) from Hawaii.
Like all hemipterans, jewel bugs undergo incomplete metamorphosis (hemimetaboly) and do not possess larval and pupal stages. Male jewel bugs of the genus Hotea possess an unusually large, spiky, and heavily sclerotized genitalia.
Scutelleridae belongs to the order Hemiptera (true bugs), under the suborder Heteroptera and infraorder Pentatomomorpha. Though most jewel bugs do little harm to crop plants,[32] a few members of Scutelleridae are considered major agricultural pests. Bed bugs who feed regularly have a lifespan of ten months, while those without adequate feeding can live a little more than a year. They are commonly known as jewel bugs or metallic shield bugs due to their often brilliant coloration. Together with some species of stink bugs, they are collectively known as sunn pests (also spelled as senn, soun, or shune pests) or wheat bugs.[24] The most economically important species of which are members of the genus Eurygaster.

A parasitoid fly which preys on hemipterans, Trichopoda pennipes was introduced to Hawaii to control the invasive species Nezara viridula, the southern green stink bug. If a blood host is available, bed bugs can live to see three generations of offspring ready willing and hungry to prey on their human hosts.
There are 5 nymphal stages for bed bugs to reach maturity, which usually takes about 32-48 days. They are also known as shield-backed bugs due to the enlargement of the last section of their thorax into a continuous shield over the abdomen and wings.[1] This latter characteristic distinguishes them from most other families within Heteroptera, and may lead to misidentification as a beetle rather than a bug. They are often deposited in clusters and attached to cracks, crevices or rough surfaces near adult harborages with a sticky epoxy-like substance.
Adult bed bugs can survive for up to seven months without blood and have been known to live in empty buildings for up to one year.

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