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There are several types of squirrels in Michigan and they all gain access to your home by chewing a hole in your attic. The most humane way to remove the squirrels from your home and attic is through live trapping and relocation. Our technicians are experienced with dealing with all kinds of pest and animal control situations including the efficient and humane removal of squirrels. Squirrels are first attested in the Eocene, about forty million years ago, and are most closely related to the mountain beaver and to dormice among living species. Seitz Wildlife Services is a locally owned company specializing in humane squirrel removal and wildlife control in Ardmore, PA. It is our goal to quickly remove the invading squirrels from inside your home or office and properly seal all possible entry points to prevent another squirrel infestation in the future. Squirrels take advantage of any opportunity to enter our homes in Ardmore, PA through uncapped chimneys, open vents and any open gaps along roof edges. We perform humane squirrel removal with the use of an exclusion device (one-way door) that allows any squirrels inside a structure to exit and prevents them from re-entering. No matter what species of squirrels are causing a problem Seitz Wildlife Services has the experience and ability to humanely remove the nuisance animals.
We routinely remove squirrels from attics, chimneys, fireplaces, inside walls, offices and crawlspaces.

In Ardmore, PA, Common complaints associated with a squirrel infestation are running noises in the attic, scratching or chewing noises in a wall or a chimney clogged with nesting materials. In situations where squirrels have been living inside a home or building for some time it may be necessary to humanely trap and remove the problem animals. We also can do wildlife proofing to ensure that once they are removed we block the entry points into the home so there will be no return visits. We will set traps and re-bait them as needed to ensure we get all the squirrels out of your home. Squirrels are members of the highly successful rodent family, which includes members ranging in size from tiny mice to the South American Capabara, which is as big as a large dog. Squirrels are tasty little creatures, especially if the cook of the house is forearmed with several good recipes. We are a poison free company focusing on humane squirrel control techniques such as squirrel trapping, squirrel exclusion and squirrel proofing. No matter what the situation is involving animal removal we have seen it before and know how to handle it. We normally set traps on roofs, on gutters or as close to the area of damage to quickly catch the squirrels that are causing the problem and not every passing squirrel in the neighborhood.
We not only handle squirrel removal , but also provide other animal control services such as Bat Removal, Raccoon Control , Snake Removal, Groundhog Removal, Mice and Rat control, Bird Control and much more.

Very little in life is more pleasing to the palate than a dish of squirrels and dumplings in cream gravy. All of our squirrel exclusion work is professionally completed and 100% guaranteed to keep invading squirrels outside where they belong. We will perform a complete inspection of your home or property and locate all possible squirrel entry points that squirrels may use to gain access into your home.
Squirrel removal should be handled by a professional, if not properly removed squirrels can cause damage such as chewed electrical wires and soiled insulation. If a squirrel has gained access to your home it is important that it is removed quickly and precautions are taken to not allow them back in.
We are professionals and can apply our expertise to resolve your squirrel removal needs today. If you are experiencing a problem with squirrels in Ardmore, PA give us a call today for a FREE phone consultation to learn more about our squirrel removal services. If squirrels are driving you nuts, give us a call today and ask how we can help you get rid of squirrels once and for good.

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