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When it detects vibrations from an insect that flew or walked into the web, the spider runs out, captures and bites the prey, then carries it back into the funnel to be eaten. The hourglass mark on the underside of the abdomen typically is yellow or yellow-orange and broad waisted.
In intermediate stages they have tan or cream-colored, olive-gray, and orange markings on the top side of the abdomen, a yellowish orange hourglass mark on the underside, and banded legs.Webs and Egg Sacs.
Pain tends to spread from the bite to other parts of the body and muscular spasms may develop. Most people who are bitten spend a few hours under observation by a physician but do not develop symptoms severe enough to require treatment.

While the brown recluse has occasionally been brought into California in household furnishings, firewood, and motor vehicles, it does not reside in the state.
These spiders ranges from 1 to 2 inches in body size.The hobo spider, Tegenaria agrestis, also called the aggressive house spider, is a common spider in the Pacific Northwest. New houses and other structures in developments may be invaded by wolf spiders that have lost their usual outdoor living places. The best approach to controlling spiders in and around the home is to remove hiding spots for secretive spiders such as black widows and regularly clean webs off the house with brushes and vacuums. Prevention and Nonchemical ControlSpiders may enter houses and other structures through cracks and other openings. Trimming plant growth away from the house and other structures will discourage spiders from first taking up residence near the structure and then moving indoors.

Insecticides will not provide long-term control and should not generally be used against spiders outdoors. Chemical ControlTypically pesticide control of spiders is difficult unless you actually see the spider and are able to spray it.
If you spray a spider, it will be killed only if the spray lands directly on it; the spray residual does not have a long-lasting effect.
This means a spider can walk over a sprayed surface a few days (and in many cases, a few hours) after treatment and not be affected.

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