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With that backdrop, some of you may be interested in Giant Deadly Hornets Kill Dozens And Injure Hundreds In China.
A number of tragic cases have been reported, including a mother and son who died after being surrounded by a killer swarm.
A man who tried to help them suffered kidney failure after the giant hornets chased him for 200 metres and stung him repeatedly on the head and legs, The Mirror reported.
Experts are blaming the vicious attacks on Asian giant hornets, which terrifyingly grow up to 5cm in length. The natural predators have jaws powerful enough to chew through regular protective bee suits and their venom, which they can spray, dissolves human flesh.
Japanese Hornet DocumentaryThe documentary is a lengthy 45 minutes, but some may find it interesting. All the paper wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets produce new colonies each year in temperate climates; only the mated queens survive the cold winter months, tucked away in sheltered places. I remember learning in school many years ago that Hornets can kill with just one sting and Wasps with seven stings. Work outside with bees, wasps, hornets around, don’t seem to be a bother everWhat a stupid statement. The Baldfaced hornet (Dolichovespula maculata) is sometimes called the white-faced hornet, but is actually a yellowjacket.
Baldfaced hornets are beneficial, capturing insects (often including other yellowjackets) to feed to their larvae.

To spray small wasp or hornet nests use a solution of Viper before the sun rises in the morning. In spring, the queen constructs a new nest by gathering wood fibers and turning them into a papery pulp, from which she builds a home. The queen emerges in spring, chooses a nest site, and builds a small nest in which she lays the first eggs.
The things you see flying around at picnics, garbage cans, and especially sweets and sodas are yellow-jackets.
I killed one in my yard with a wiffleball bat and poured gasoline down the hole in the dirt for the rest of the hive. Paper wasps build open, umbrella-shaped nests, often found suspended from eaves or window casings on the outside of your home. Once the first generation of workers matures, these wasps will expand the nest for succeeding generations. It would just sit on a Bush near the hive entrance and chase away anything that came within 5 yards of the hive. In fact, Baldfaced hornet nests are often first noticed in fall when leaves drop, exposing the nest. Not only will all the hornets be in the nest for you to exterminate (instead of foraging for food some distance away) , you will be at far less risk when they are resting. Either one of these products will do an excellent job, and they also are packaged in a container that allows you to apply the dust directly.

Hornets are famous for their massive, enclosed nests which can be seen hanging from tree branches or other sturdy perches.
In late summer or fall, the old queen dies, and a new one mates before her siblings die off. A mature nest is bigger than a basketball, but pear-shaped, with the larger end at the top and an entrance hole near the bottom. Ease the tip of your dust container (or Crusader Duster, if you prefer) into the entrance and quickly squeeze three or four times. Since safety is important to us, Wasp Wand was designed to extend to higher places without needing to climb up dangerous or wobbly ladders on sometimes uneven ground. This will send the pesticide dust far into the galleries, where it will remain long enough to kill all hornets.
The long reach of Wasp Wand also protects users from inhaling accidental blow back since the spray is farther away. Care should be taken to check for yellowjacket nests before using string trimmers or lawn mowers.

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