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There is a myth that states that daddy longlegs are the most toxic of all spiders, but their mouths are too small to inflict any damage to humans. While they are large and can be intimidating for those of us who are a little scared of spiders, they’re harmless.
Although they resemble spiders with their eight legs and oval bodies and are often confused for cellar spiders, they are missing two key components of spiders: venom and silk.

You can easily get these critters off your home with a broom or vacuum, but sometimes they are unpleasant or in extremely large numbers.
Daddy longlegs are often seen in large numbers in the fall, congregating near trees and eaves and windows of homes, but this behavior does not last long. You can choose to treat your home’s exterior with a product formulated for this insect.

Our general perimeter treatment products, like Talstar One or Bifen IT work great for killing daddy long-leg spiders.

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