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Most people are not concerned with these scary looking creatures because many folks are under the misconception that the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are the only two spiders that produce venom; and therefore believe they are the only two spiders that will bite. Fall is the time when many outdoor species including that Carolina Wolf Spider make their way into our homes for overwintering harborage. There is a myth that states that daddy longlegs are the most toxic of all spiders, but their mouths are too small to inflict any damage to humans.
We are lucky that many of the smaller spiders with small mouth parts are not capable of piercing our skin.
Be aware that any spider is capable of biting you especially those larger size spider species and remember ALL spiders have venomous poison. While they are large and can be intimidating for those of us who are a little scared of spiders, they’re harmless.
Although they resemble spiders with their eight legs and oval bodies and are often confused for cellar spiders, they are missing two key components of spiders: venom and silk.

However, most all spiders with an abdomen bigger than the size of a pea can and will bite us and inject venom with those bites. Something else to be aware of is even though my Carolina Wolf Spider bite healed relatively  fast, many folks with hypersensitivity could have nasty wounds that may or may not heal over time. Another concern would be that bacteria could be injected with and compound the severity of the spider bite. Our general perimeter treatment products, like Talstar One or Bifen IT work great for killing daddy long-leg spiders. Picture below in order are the Brown Recluse Spider, Picture of a Brown Recluse Bite, and picture of a common black widow we found in a rodent station box here in Belmont.
Out of curiosity, I decided to let a large carolina wolf spider bite me to see how the sting compared to what BASF’s Spider Guide suggested was similar to a pin prick. They are mostly scavengers and will often feed on dead insects or decaying organic matter, but also eat garden pests like aphids.

Spider calls this month have been incredible and our service technicians perform several preventative jobs a day for spiders to protect property and health. I’ve even let non poisonous snakes bury their fangs in my arm and ¬†NOTHING compares to the pain of this spider bite!!!!
The venom seemed to kill only my top layer of skin and below is a picture exactly one week after I let the spider bite me.

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