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With webs lurking in the dark corners, and their egg sacks ready to loose a number of offspring, the sight of one spider can indicate a much larger problem. Spiders are great for any ecosystem, especially a garden, but a house overrun with arachnids is hardly a home at all.
Spiders are not the most formidable foe out there, so here are a few natural remedies to try and rid yourself of a spider problem before it becomes arachnophobia.#1 Mint and citrusOne great way to rid your home of spiders is with mint. Acquire some peppermint oil, add it to a water solution, spray it around the house, and it will ward off spiders.

No matter which one you choose, your house will smell as sweet.#2 VinegarPerhaps not as fragrant, but vinegar is another natural remedy to dispel spiders. White vinegar has an almost infinite number of uses around the house, and spider repellent is also included on the list. This will keep their skills sharp and spider hunting prowess keen.#4 HousekeepingAnother solution is good housekeeping. Available at you local store, you can buy a plug-in device that emits a frequency spiders cannot stand.

We’re good sports and want to provide you with every option before you have to call, but when that moment comes, know Fantastic Pest Control only uses the most effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly ways to get rid of your spiders.

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