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THE FALSE WIDOW spider - which is running amok in Britain - nearly cost a decorator his LEG. Up to 10 million of the highly venomous spiders are on the loose in Britain with dozens of new sightings being reported every day. Ricki's escape came as a footballer was sidelined with injury after being bitten by a false widow.Defender Steve Harris, 22, had to undergo an emergency operation after being attacked.
A TERRIFIED mum was forced to squeeze the venom from the deadly false widow out of her toddler after a hospital would only treat her with allergy tablets for a reaction to the bite.
A schoolboy had to be taken to hospital after he was bitten by a false widow spider while he slept. The latest incident comes in the wake of a number of reports of people needing hospital or surgical treatment following a bite by the notorious arachnid. While some residents have claimed to have seen an abundance of the critters lately, experts have said that there are no more false widow spiders around than usual and that they aren’t that dangerous. William Fraser, 14, from Benhill Road in Sutton, was bitten on Thursday night after the skull-backed spider managed to crawl into his bedroom.
He awoke on Friday with a bite mark on his forearm but his condition deteriorated and he had to be taken to hospital.
William’s predicament comes just days after a footballer showed how doctors had to cut away part of his skin after he was also bitten by a false widow.
Social media driven message warns UK residents that venom from a spider called the False Widow that is now in the UK can cause amputations if bites are not properly treated.

The spider's venom can sometimes cause health issues for humans, but bites usually do not have long lasting effects.
According to a warning that is spreading rapidly via Facebook and other social media outlets, UK residents should watch out for the False Widow spider.
There have been sensationalized media reports about significant injuries supposedly caused by bites from the spider. In another case, a young father collapsed and was taken to hospital after he was bitten multiple times by a False Widow that was in his clothing. Mr Thornley urged others who are bitten to seek help as soon as possible to avoid long term damage.
FOURTEEN species of venomous ­spiders have bitten people in Britain in recent years, causing a marked increase in hospital admissions.
The spider is not new to the UK as implied in the warning, although it is now spreading further than previously.
A 2012 Daily Mail article describes a case in which a woman was told by doctors that her hand might need to be amputated after she was allegedly bitten by one of the spiders.
Of course, just as some people may have adverse and non-typical reactions to bites from bees or other insects, some victims of False Widow bites may experience more serious reactions. However, there are no credible reports about victims having limbs amputated as a result of False Widow bites.
However, the spider has been in the UK for well over a century, having probably arrived via shipments of bananas from the Canary Islands.

People, not only in the UK, but everywhere, should certainly be cautious of spiders, especially if they do not recognize the species.
Pictured right, a false widow spider which were recorded in higher numbers in the UK this year'When I went to A&E I thought that I would just be given some different antibiotics. While there have been sensationalist media articles that describe significant wounds allegedly caused by the spider's venom, there are no credible reports about amputations and no reported deaths. There are several spiders in the UK that are known as False Widow spiders because of their resemblance to the more dangerous Black Widow spiders. In another 2012 case reported by The Sun, a man in Yorkshire was told that he might lose his arm after he was allegedly bitten by a False Widow while gardening. And, if you suffer an adverse reaction from a spider's bite, you should of course seek medical help as soon as possible. However, in neither case was a False Widow actually proven to be the cause of the injuries.

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