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He believed that the house had been occupied by immigrants, and was concerned about a dangerous imported spider as there were ‘many banana skins’ in the attic. Yes, according to the Natural History Museum (NHM) about a dozen species of spider in the UK can give a painful bite. Yes, the tube web spider itself is an import, having arrived over a hundred years ago to South Coast ports and having spread to London and the South-East.
Antivenoms do exist for some more serious spider bites in Australia and North and South America.

Other spiders regularly imported with fruit (eg bananas and grapes) and pot-plants include some species with painful bites, which are detailed on the NHM website. He said that a large black spider rushed across the floor, bit his right hand, and ran off. It is unusual in that it can be aggressive, unlike most spiders, sometimes advancing and biting rather than hiding. He pointed out the bite site (just visible as a red mark between the eye and collar of the bulldog tattoo).

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