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Category: Field Mice Control | 30.05.2015
Many of my friends have a no kill policy as well, they tell me that insects can sense if you’re an insect killer or not and that sensing that, they may or may not bite you.
Just found one in my kitchen nook yesterday…I killed it because it looked scary and dangerous!
I just saw one of these under a pot next in my yard and thought it was a beautiful (but possibly dangerous) spider. I woke up one day because i felt something crawling on my head, i slapped my forehead as soon as i felt it, and killed it, i wasnt going to figure out if it was poisonous or not.

Im killing em all I have no sympathy for em they all bite and have no business in my domain cause they aint paying rent they dying, sorry about the ones that feel different but just not happening round here.. It does this by means of its rather large which are large as to pierce the hard shell of the sowbugs. The reason I find this strange is that they get their common name due to the fact that they use their large fangs to pierce the shells of woodlouse and Sow bugs.
My dog, who is normally a very efficient bug killer (thank goodness because I can be such a girl about them) wasn't trying to eat it, but instead herded it across the living room.

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