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PestFix offers a comprehensive range of rat and mouse repellers from stock available for delivery on the next working day. Our range of rat and mouse repellers use high frequency sound outputs to deter rodents from entering the room in which they are installed. All of our rat and mouse repellers are simple to install and use and are harmless to humans and household pets. Some of our rat and mouse repellers have the added deterrent of electromagnetic pulses that travel through the wiring of your property protecting the whole building, especially the voids behind walls and under floors where rodents like to habituate.

Then Electronic Mouse Traps are for you You know those things that supposedly send a mouse packing his bags to leave your house.
ShopWiki has 16 results for mouse sonic repellent, including STV Pest Control Products - Sonic Mouse & Rat Repellent (3 Pack) at VioVet (), Big Cheese Sonic Mouse & Rat. If you do not want to use traps or poison this easy to use, simple but most effective sonic mouse repellent pest control device is excellent for getting rid of mice. Does anyone know if the sonic mouse repellent devices really work at getting rid of mice and keeping them away.

4 years ago; Report Abuse Advanced electronic pest control repeller, mouse repellers, repellent, for getting rid of mice (mouse) and rats and other common pests.
We have a mouse problem in our cottage up North, and the mice ignored the gadgets all together.

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