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They believe that their findings may have reawakened an older ability dating back millions of years, where the role of super soldiers was more vital – a similar trait, MSNBC reckons, in the firms of chickens with teeth or the occasional human who is born with a tail. Super soldiers are tasked with protecting the weaker ants in their colonies from attack by rival colonies, who may seek to take over their nests or access any food supply. Anyone with a fear of creepy-crawlies can rest easy, though – the scientists have no plans to unleash the super-sized ants on the wider public, and the nine species which naturally grow to such a size are only found in North America.

Ebe - January 9, 2012 12:19 AM (GMT) The trick is not that this soldier is unique, but is only commonly found in a few species of ant. This picture shows my favorite insects at work – leaf-cutter ants from Costa Rica, Central America.
They're created by applying hormones to regular ants, only rarely show up in the wild, and use those ridiculous big heads to block other ants from attack.

The picture was taken at night, shooting the flash up on the leaf in the background creating this silhouette of worker ants carrying leaves and the larger soldier ants protecting the workers.

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