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Hornets build nests that hang down from the branch of a tree or shrub, or under the eaves of your house. If you ever notice a hornet going in and out of a hole in your house, get an exterminator immediately!
Masonry bees favour sunny, south-facing elevations, as these enhance the germination of their eggs. In reality, though, what is often termed “bee” may also include yellow jackets and wasps which are not bees. Instead they build up a hive in a hollow place, such as a hollow tree, a chimney or inside a wall of a house.

Then, call a beekeeper (an apiarist) to come out, put the bees in a hive box, and take them away. Bumblebee nests are much smaller than honeybee nests, too, numbering only in the hundreds of residents, rather than in the thousands. Hornets have the ability to burrow through wood fairly quickly, like a carpenter ant, and may soon be in your house.
Treatment will clearly be required where a dense aggregation of bees threatens the fabric of a building in the shape of mortar missing in the brick work. The bees these plants attract are true bees who pollinate and help ensure the cycle of life of flowers progresses.

The queen raises another queen to take over and then she sets off with ten or more thousand bees in search of a new hive location.
In fact, bees are the primary pollinators of the garden, though many other insects play their parts as well.

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