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Solitary bees are difficult to describe as there are many species that vary widely in their appearance. Some solitary bees act like cuckoos, in that they are unable to make their own nests and instead enter the nest of another suitable host bee and lay their eggs there.
Solitary bees occur throughout Britain but some are confined to particular habitats or regions. Some resemble small honeybees, others small bumblebees, while others could be mistaken for small wasps. Many solitary bees make their nest tunnels in the ground, choosing either bare soil or areas of short turf, such as lawns.

Other solitary bees nest in tunnels made in rotten wood, or they make use of vacated tunnels in dead wood made by wood-boring beetles.
Solitary bees will visit a wide range of flowers to collect nectar and pollen, which they use as a food supply for their larvae. A female solitary bee constructs and provisions her nest without the assistance of any worker bees. Despite this some solitary bees can be gregarious, with many bees making their nests in close proximity in a suitable piece of habitat. Solitary bees, like bumblebees, can fly in cool or drizzly weather, unlike honeybees that stay at home during inclement weather.

Solitary bees can be important pollinators of fruit trees and bushes, which flower in the spring when poor weather often occurs.

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