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Silverfish are very common in Europe, North America, and Australia and resemble tiny, silver-colored fish. The primary locations of the insects must be determined before beginning any type of silverfish extermination.
A combination of two particularly effective methods can be used to provide the best silverfish extermination results. Small, portable insect traps, the second method, should also be used in combination with powder for comprehensive silverfish extermination.

Silverfish typically feed off of starch or glue-based materials and often enter a structure in search of moisture. These traps typically have a sticky, glue-like surface and are known to attract silverfish. Silverfish usually nest in dark, out-of-the-way areas such as pantries, wallpaper, boxes, books, and cabinets. Effective silverfish extermination typically requires the removal of all sources of food and moisture.

A paste made of flour and water may be used as bait to draw the insects out of their hiding places for extermination.
It is best to leave the powder and traps in place for at least a month to allow any silverfish eggs to hatch.

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