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Silverfish are small, wingless insects that feed on anything from dust, wallpaper, book glue, cotton and cereal.
If you spot a few silverfish in your home, chances are you may have a silverfish infestation.
There are a few different ways to protect your home from silverfish bugs before they even appear. Silverfish damage and bitesSilverfish are nocturnal insects, so it is very rare for one to bite a human. There are many different species of silverfish in the world and they can appear quite different when it comes to size, shape, and color. Enter your name and email into the form below to receive a few quick tips about silverfish, more info about my guide, and a special offer!

If you are wondering how to get rid of silverfish naturally, you can view our list here for a list of home remedies for silverfish extermination.
Although silverfish do not carry disease and are not poisonous, learning about silverfish control is very important to avoid serious problems in the future. Silverfish elimination takes a few different steps, and the first step is to prevent the bugs from wanting to enter your house in the first place. Even if you happen to discover a silverfish bite, there is no need to worry; a silverfish does not sting and is not poisonous. In fact, most reasons for a silverfish infestation are all related to the same root cause: a cold, wet, dark area. Silverfish bugs may seem like harmless little insects, but need to be taken care of right away in order to avoid thousands of dollars of repairs in your home.

From removing paper clutter, to sealing cracks in concrete and foundations and repairing any small leaks, a silverfish infestation can be prevented before it even begins. Silverfish cannot thrive in warm areas, so any place that is cool such as a bathroom may be a perfect location. And since they are nocturnal, you can bet that a dark area of the house will be a high target for silverfish.

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