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Carpenter ants commonly nest inside trees, especially older trees that are hollow or have a significant amount of dead, decayed wood. Control is not essential for the tree's health, as the ants are only taking advantage of an existing situation of soft, weak wood in which to establish their colony. Control of carpenter ants inside trees is difficult but can be done as a way to reduce invasion of the ants into adjacent structures. An alternative is to treat the trunk and ground around the tree in hopes of reducing the population of foragers (workers).
With the series of storms that have hit Southwest Michigan in the past month, road crews have been working to clear fallen trees and branches across the area. Now with stormy weather expected to return today, there are a few things to know about trees, their health, and why they fall down, experts said.

One reason many trees have fallen is because of the amount of rain in the spring, said Mike Graham, a contracted forester and master arborist with Graham Forestry in Kalamazoo. Trees put on extra weight and growth, which gives them a greater chance of catching wind and breaking off.
While some trees fall because they are sick, Handley said there are no new disease this year.
If anyone notices a tree that looks dangerous in on their property, Pryor suggests contacting a registered arborist. Since a storm hit Kalamazoo on June 18, Pryor said crews have been working on clearing trees and making the damaged ones safe. If anyone sees a tree on the public right of way that they think might pose a danger, Pryor said they should call the city at 269-337-8731.

A large tree at the intersection of Winchell and Tipperary in the city of Kalamazoo was snapped off during a violent storm in June. Graham said that a tree can appear healthy with a few inches of wood on the outside but be decayed on the inside. Parts of the tree were infested by carpenter ants, shown here, which weakened the wood.Todd Pryor, forestry supervisor for the city of Kalamazoo, said there are a few signs home owners can look for to tell if a tree is healthy.

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