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Finding the early signs of bed bugs gives you time to prepare before you hire professional help, affording you a better opportunity to kill off the infestation before it gets larger and more difficult to handle.
Bed bug bites on your body are almost always one of the first visible signs of an infestation. In the first month or two, bed bugs typically travel anywhere from 10 to 20 feet away from where you sleep. Other signs are shed skin left behind by bed bugs as they grow into adults and, of course, bed bugs themselves, which live close to their host (that’s you). Spotting signs of bed bugs early on is only the start of a series of steps you will need to take make sure your infestation does not grow out of control. According to Pest Central, all that is needed is a single female or several eggs to start your bed bug problems.
This, however, is not always a surefire method of identification; some people have no reaction to bed bug bites. This means you will find signs of infestation outside of your mattress, in places around your bed frame, on other furniture, in slits between the baseboard and the floor, in windowsills and other small crevasses, all in that 10- to 20-foot radius.

When I thought I had bed bugs I called Sniff and the staff I talked to ascertained that they did not think I had a bed bug infestation based on what I was telling them. We had come back from a European holiday and while there we had to change rooms as I thought I saw a bed bug early one morning. These can be brought in by your luggage after traveling, by used furniture, or even by a guest that came from a motel, hotel, or another home that was infested by bed bugs.
A cast skin looks like an intact bed bug complete with six legs, two antennae, a head, and body, just no life. Here are two lists that detail preparations that should be done before letting professionals use chemical or heat treatment to eradicate your bed bug problem. They offered to have a dog come out for peace of mind but recommended that I wait a couple more days and based on the biology of bed bugs, I would know if bites increased.
It’s been 2 months since we discovered my youngest daughter had bed bugs in her room. We purchased a House in Boston and during our first week we had visitors every night and it seems they had such a good meal they invited their friends and before my wife and I knew it we had a major party of bed bugs.

Additionally, bed bugs are apt to flourish in small, packed places, like compact apartments and studios. We threw out the mattress and bed as that’s what were told and for a few days we thought everything was OK.
Knowing how you can be at risk can make you more alert and can help you avoid overlooking what might be potential signs of the start of an infestation. Then another company came and told us that we had to have the chemicals twice every two weeks as baby bed bugs didn’t die the first time.

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