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Gnats and Small Flies Fact Sheet (pdf): This PDF fact sheet details the most common types of gnats in the house such as fungus gnats, fruit flies, sewer flies and midges. How to Get Rid of Gnats (video): Here’s a video that shows varied ways of how to rid of gnats the natural way.
Gnat: A legitimate exterminator or pest control expert discusses all about gnats and  some of the most effective pesticides you can use to deter them. What Terminix and I suspect is that the open hole in the foundation filled with rocks underneath the basement bathtub is the source. Any thoughts or opinions or next steps to get the builder to actually look into this as I don't see how I should be liable for something that probably occurred during construction. Moderated forums: Houston, San Antonio, Tallahassee, Macon, Duluth, Exercise and Fitness, Fish, Home Interior Design and Decorating.
My bet is that SOMETHING got left behind during construction, and flushing sewer lines won't do anything.
And they aren't coming from the bathroom drains, so putting drain cleaner down wouldn't do much good. It occurs to me that if you get standing water in that void for whatever reason, plus some organic matter (whether construction lunches or not), you'll get flies.
Your options include complaining about the builder to your local building department with the hope that it can put pressure on the builder to fix your issues.
In some states, you may be able to sue the builder in small claims court and hope that you can maneuver through the intricate procedures of the legal system.
I live in an apartment, there's no standing water, and the only dirty dishes are from cat food, and they're washed every day.
Gnats are most commonly found around fruit, saturated house plants, compost piles, and other rotting, smelly food or plants.
We're talking about two or three different kinds of gnats or flies: fungus gnats in plants, fruit flies in food and drains, and drain flies in drains.
I looked at the gnats I killed under a 16x magnifying glass, and noticed most of them had tapering abdomens like mosquitoes. Finally getting sick of the mess, I did some research and found this site, and others that have identifying photos.
The suggested answer: clean the drains of all the organic matter in which these pests breed. To stop them from entering your home in the first place, be careful of the onions you buy at the grocers or fruit shop. I find that the gnats are drawn to a strong white russian but you must use the finest vodka. When I figured out that I had a major problem with these horrible gnats, I started researching how to get rid of them. The apple vinegar, two healthy drops of dish soap, and water in a plastic picnic cup worked like a charm. There is a time to 'attract' the existing gnats in your home when you need to eliminate as many as possible.
Do the multi-attack approach, focusing on thorough cleaning and eliminating those things in your house that need to go.
Though some of these are excellent sources of health for humans, they should still be stored properly, openings of bottles cleaned, etc. I found that a half wine glass of Barefoot Riesling captured more than the apple cider vinegar or cheap red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon).I just tried mixing Bud Light and the apple cider vinegar.
To prevent the problem altogether indoors, eliminate all overripe fruit or eat it before it begins to decay (That's the only time I see gnats, and they disappear when I do this). There are gnats in my fruit!- or your face and head!  Gnats are pesky little black flying insects that do not normally bite (thank you!) but show up and hover around and about until you explode out of sheer annoyance.
Obviously, one way of preventing an infestation of gnats in the house is to keep all fruits and veggies in the cooler and rid the house of rotting fruits and vegetables if there are any. It states that the control of gnats does not entail the use of pesticides but more on eliminating the breeding place (i.e.

There’s no need to use pesticides as you are encouraged to use items found in the house such as cider vinegar, soap and even cigarettes, to get rid of gnats. This article has some very useful and easy tips to follow to rid the house of pesky fruit flies. The article emphasizes the fact that DEET products can easily eliminate the pesky fruit and fungus flies but its usage must be regulated  and not to ever come in contact with human skin. It was still well below freezing the first week or so but in mid-March it warmed up and I started getting what I think are drain flies. I don't know if that's normally how it's done or if someone forgot there would be a tub and had to add the drain, but Terminix thinks something is damaged and they're coming up that way and no matter how many times they treat, it won't get rid of them because it won't eliminate the source.
Drain flies (AKA moth flies and sewer gnats) are fat and hairy, and those are rather skinny.
When the slab plumbing is installed they put some type of retainer around the drain pipe (there are specific plastic forms, some use wood form, some use a plastic bucket, etc.) the idea is to keep the concrete of the slab away from the drain pipe so when the tub is installed there is some room to move the pipe around a little, and there's space for the overflow connection.
It's not termites or 1) one of three would have said that, and 2) they would have wanted me to sign up for a termite contract ASAP.
Litigation is expensive and at times it is cheaper to make the repairs than undertake the cost of litigating a problem. This means fruits and vegetables have to go in the refrigerator or a bin the bugs can't penetrate.
The supermarket and hardware stores have several flying insect spray options for you to choose from. Since they are attracted to the scent of vinegar, fill a jar with vinegar and poke holes in the lid. It is six degrees out there!I am clean, no dishes lying around, no houseplants, no open fruits or veggies. Then I noticed the gnats were concentrating in the bathroom and around the toilet, so I dropped bowl cleaner (bleach) tablets in the tank to poison their water supply. Most of the gnats are indeed fungus gnats, and the flies are the drain flies mentioned in another post on this blog. As a temporary measure, I just now tried pouring in some chlorine laundry bleach and drain opener (concentrated bleach) where it will sit in the drain traps until I can go out and find some drain gel (DF-5000 or similar), which is what is indicated for drain pests. If you notice the onions in particular have the small black flies hovering around them, don't buy them, or fruit nearby, as it will probably be infested with eggs. The gnats like to walk around the pot rim so put a little loop of masking tape in the rim of each plant where you are having problems. We used the all methods above and finally they are gone- we occasionally see one and I spray the plants again.
They aren't very active once they squeeze through the screen and most seem to just stick to the curtain if they get past the window. I used Eden Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in a non-soakable paper bowl and I put three fly strips across the top of the bowl. Posted on April 24th, 2014Courtesy: University of Nebraska-LincolnYou may have seen some tiny flies hanging around your bathroom in recent days and wondered what they are and how they got there.
They appear most happily during the summer and the couple of old gnats flying about the rotten apple seem to multiply to a thousand in a few hours! I've already had to have Terminix come out 3 times to look at it and spray and they are pretty confident they are coming from under the foundation in the basement, likely something with the sewer line. Attached are a few pictures of what I deal with, one shows the hole in the floor I was talking about. The first tech was pretty sure they are drain flies, but he said the number of them looked more like a commercial problem which is what confused him.
There isn't a smell or anything, but either eggs were laid or brought in at some point, or something has allowed them to breed, I don't know.
Gnats are also known as vinegar flies or fruit flies because of their attraction to the smell of rotten food.
There is a stain on my carpet but I am afraid to try to scrub the area because I don't want to pay for damaged carpet.

It is weird that there wasn't really a smell until I found the box and lifted the lid and then disposed of the fruit. I did some research and found that they are not gnats or fruit flies, they are called Hackberry Gall Psyllids. The goal is to eliminate all sources of fermented anything including your dishes of vinegar as you are attracting them from all over, not JUST those in your house!
Our apartment management over-waters the yard so we get them, but essentially they are drawn to the yard, not inside. All you need to do is click “add to cart” and you’re about 2-3 days away in controlling the pesky pests!
So far, the builder has been reluctant to send someone out to look (likely because it would be costing them quite a bit of money if there is something wrong). You jump right to deconstruction when there are plenty of other ways to check first, such as running a camera down to see if there is a damaged pipe, or the technique I've tried. If you frequently see gnats hovering around your sink drain or trash can, there's a good chance they're laying eggs inside your home.
For those that remain in the house, try putting vegetable oil around your kitchen sink drain. We have a hackberry tree in our front yard and apparently these locust like insects are tough to kill or prevent. They live in the sludge that accumulates in pipes and drains, and their larvae feed on fungi, bacteria and algae located in sewage. If they just left an open hole to the ground beneath and put some rocks in it, they're going to have to improve that, even if it is standard technique, because that's how they're getting in.
After further reading, I am sure that what I have is not fungus gnats, but drain gnats-- Phorid flies for sure, and possibly Sphaerocerid flies as well. Going to try Bayer Advanced Garden Tree and Shrub Control, found the advice on the Nebraska University horticulture site. Cool, but not enough when there are a hundred more!Used draino in all my sinks, then a few hours later poured boiling hot water down and pour bleach after every use. I see the occasional one upstairs, but it is rare compared to the number I get in the basement. Make sure all trash receptacles and sink drains are cleaned thoroughly, and don't have any old rancid food stuck to them. If you're not interested in potentially clogging your drain with vegetable oil, pouring a cup of ammonia down your kitchen sink is said to get rid of any flies hovering around that area.
Looks like I'll be doing extra cleaning in the crevices where cabinets meet the floor, as well as looking for some drain gel. They are getting out of the utility room to the finished area so I'm confident they are coming from the utility room.
A value pack has eight tubes with an extremely sticky surface which unroll into long twirling ribbons which can be hung from a little tie at the top.
Before you call an exterminator, try these steps to see if you can get rid of the problem on your own.Take out your drain plug. These may sound ludicrous, but the point is you have to think of what's going on in your environment. I'm hoping it was the drains - which hopefully got taken care of with the draino, boiling water, and bleach treatment. However, the installer may have used waterproof glue, which would obviously pose more of a challenge.
If you have to remove adhesive, you can easily apply more later.Get a long brush with hard bristles and scrub the pipes as thoroughly as you can.
Not only will this clear out any larvae that may remain, it will also remove bacteria, which is one of their favorite food sources.If you need any help cleaning out your drains to get rid of drain flies, we can help at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing New Britain.

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