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Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion Insecticide is an economic and easy to use formula that provides quick knockdown and long lived residual control of scorpions, spiders, and other insects listed on the label. Main Target Pest- Bark Scorpion I have used Cykick, Cyper WP, Bifen IT, Demand, and suspend polyzone for scorpion control here in AZ. Saw our first few scorpions since being here for 3 years, bought this and saw our first dead one the next day!!! I recommend a backpack sprayer since that gets the job done faster so you don't skip out on the schedule (I was busy over the summer and pushed three months, but at that point I started to find scorpions again, I think in the three months I found 2 or three in the house, and all in the last month, so I really think bi monthly is the thing to do).

This product is amazing to kill scorpions, we see the results right after we spray and it is good for at least 6 weeks especially if there is no rain.
After years of paying $95+ per regular scheduled visits by a pest control company, we still had scorpions inside of our home.
I have purchased 2-3 other insecticides here to spray myself as they work better than hiring a Pest Control Co. One application of Onslaught (2tbs) per gallon wiped out the scorpions & all other creeping critters!

I live in a new development in a heavily wooded area so I expected critters, never scorpions though.
This was 1st time using Onslaught FastCap and it appears to be the best as I can see many dead scorpions appear later that night after spraying around my home's perimeter.

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