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Category: Where Do Bed Bugs Come From | 23.05.2013
At Rove Pest Control we take pride in serving our customers and creating long-term relationships with them. Rove is proactive in assisting its customers who are at risk for termites, are currently dealing with an infestation, or those who are trying to avoid ever having a termite problem. Rove’s team of termite specialists offers in-home analysis, landscape tips, educational information and preventative products so that all of the bases are covered to protect homes and families from an infestation.

We have an excellent track record in both residential and commercial pest control services. We service a variety of pests including insects, arachnids, bed bugs, termites, Japanese Beetles, rodents, wildlife, and mosquitoes.
We are professionals at Rove will come in and provide a free consultation to see just what is needed to eradicate this pest.

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