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Roof Rats In TexasPublished on October 24, 2013 by Roof Rats In Texas Tweet Roof rats are a common rodent to enter Texas homes and businesses. Roof rats are a medium sized rat with a body that is approximately 7 inches long and a tail that is often slightly longer than the body. Chewing to keep their incisors short; roof rats will damage plastic and lead pipes, door and window frames, upholstery and electrical wires. For more information on how to get rid of rats in Texas, call the home pest control specialists at Holder’s Pest Solutions.

Although roof rats are known for living outside in wood and rock piles or in dense vegetation, it is not surprising to find them nesting inside homes and businesses as well. Give the pros at Holder’s Pest Solutions a call today for more information on rodent control services in Houston, and throughout our Texas service area.
The rats in Texas that we encounter include the Norway rat, the Yellow-nosed cotton rat, the hispid cotton rat and the tawny-bellied cotton rat among others, but the roof rat is the most common in our service area.
Rodents like the roof rat may bite or may contaminate our food sources with their urine and feces.

Here is some important information on these pests as well as tips to help you avoid them in your Houston home or business.

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