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First let me say that this is NOT a replacement for your pet’s monthly flea preventative. Needless to say, when we bought our current house, the yard was a little overrun with weeds because it was a foreclosure.
As he was getting doused by flea spray, my fiance was on the hunt for these nematode things I told him about. Once the nematodes arrive all you have to do is mix them with water in a garden sprayer and apply them to the yard like you would any fertilizer. Because fleas love to hitch a ride on rodents, take steps to ensure that your yard is inhospitable to four-legged, warm blooded pests such as mice and rats (although their cuter cousins, squirrels or chipmunks, can also carry fleas).
Ticks love to climb to the top of tall grass and brush in order to hitch a ride with a warm-blooded host, so be sure to keep these trimmed and cleared. This product contains Bayer’s exclusive 2-way action formula for control of surface insects like ants, fleas and ticks, plus soil pests like grubs, in one easy step.
Beneficial nematodes get tough on fleas without the need for dangerous chemicals or toxic pesticides. The beneficial nematode, alias "killer roundworm," may be nature's simplest answer yet for getting rid of troublesome, blood sucking fleas that infest backyards, homes and pets each year like clockwork.The nematode, Steinernema carpocapsae, hunts down fleas in the pre-adult, pupae, and larval stages of their growth, which account for 95 percent of the flea population, even searching out the fleas that lie dormant in cocoons before reaching maturity.
Anyways i wondering if I could use the flea solution inside of the dog’s room inside of my home.
As disturbing as it is to discover that your pet has fleas or ticks, it is, perhaps, even more disturbing to know that those pests may be living right outside your door, waiting for the opportunity to hitch a ride indoors on Spot or Kitty. Depending on where you live, you may have to take action repeatedly during warm weather in order to control reinfestation of fleas and ticks.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend simple steps for flea control such as the removal of organic debris in flowerbeds and regular mowing and raking. There are yard and garden sprays, like SentryHome Yard and Premise Spray, that work fast against not only fleas and ticks, but a host of other unpleasant guests, such as spiders, ants, roaches and other creepy crawlies.
Neatness counts when it comes to eliminating habitats for fleas and ticks to hide and lay eggs. Make your landscape appealing to flea and tick predators by keeping grass mowed to the right height and incorporating native plants and ground covers. The killer roundworm enters the pest's body through any convenient opening, such as the spiracles, where air is taken in, and releases a bacteria that kills the flea within 48 hours.When the host is dead, the nematode sheds its skin and begins to reproduce inside the corpse. Across the country, wetter climates have the worst flea problems, but the nematodes aren't regionalist.
Even after you’ve taken steps to ensure your pet is pest-free, a wandering stray cat or a wild animal may enter your yard, leaving behind those unwelcome pests.
It’s also advisable to keep playground equipment, picnic tables and other lawn furniture away from yard edges and trees. Find out a few tips to get rid of fleas in a yard with help from a registered herbalist in this free video clip.
This treatment can prevent fleas and ticks from migrating into your home, although they can still hitch a ride on you or your pet. Birds eat these insects, but if you’re hanging bird feeders, balance the benefit of attracting birds against the risk of luring squirrels or other flea- and tick-carrying rodents that feast on spilled seed. The offspring hunt for new prey, destroying the remaining fleas in the wake of the nematode life cycle.

There are other plants (such as Rue, Pennyroyal and Wormwood) that will repel fleas but they are not safe for use around pets.
So the flea solution you mentioned is for outside use and i can use an indoor flea spray solution inside the home to prevent diseases like fleas and such.
At the end of the growing season, take time to clean up your garden, yard and storage areas under a deck or in a crawl space.
For moist, shady areas on your property, follow the tips below to limit the attraction for fleas and ticks. And the nematodes will keep on searching for their next flea meal for up to six weeks after the last flea has died, preventing new fleas from reinfesting the area.The reliable nematode kills off only harmful bugs, says Ross, who has helped develop Bio Flea Halt! The nematode won't harm the other beneficial bugs that live in backyard soil, he says, so the natural ecosystem of the yard is preserved.Of course, Ross has a vested interest in the promotion of the nematode, but Dr. But more recent home remedies such as garlic and brewer's yeast have been shown to do little more, often nurturing healthy and happy fleas instead of deterring them.Human history marches on, and a kinder, more effective flea control method is here. Fleas in the yard are a huge problem for many people, but there is a way to stop it while it's managable.

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