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If you see a small fly or gnat type insect flying around in the kitchen, do not assume it is coming from the drains. Understanding the different breeding sources for the flies will help you identify and manage the infestations. Drain flies: Drain Flies breed in drains, sewers, septic tanks and soil that has been contaminated with sewage. Phorid Flies: Phorid Flies are found in sewage contaminated soil, garbage, drains, human cadavers, rotting vegetables and fruit, garbage as well as damp organic materials. Sphaerocerid Flies: These flies may be found in manure, damp organic material, drains, rotting fruits and vegetables and garbage. Sometimes, drain flies (moth flies) can come from under slab floors from a drain pipe that has broken. If the suspicion is strong enough that drain flies are breeding under a slab, a hole must be broken through the slab to see if indeed a pipe has broken and flies are breeding there. Sump pump pits and sewers are usually found in a basement area and also prime breeding sites for drain flies (moth flies), particularly in commercial buildings. In homes, drain flies are generally found breeding in bathroom drains, particularly those in showers. Drain flies, or moth flies, can be found in moist, highly organic debris areas such as sink drains, moist mops, sewage treatment facilities, storm drains, dung and rotten vegetation. The top fly light traps recommended to catch drain flies and other smaller flies are the Aura Decorative Fly Light Trap or the Nectar Fly Light Trap. Drain flies (family Psychodidae), also known as moth flies and sewer gnats, are — I hate to say — kinda cute. Jess, clean the drain, clean the grout, apply pesticide to the drain (numerous of which are mentioned throughout the article and the comments). I had a drain fly problem for over five years, even paid an exterminator $125 to find the source and he was unsuccessful.
Susan, it seems to me that they must be breeding further down the drain pipe that leads to the sewer line.
MJ Smith, having a time trying to get rid of the annoying little bugs, have a home over 50yrs old, built on concrete slab, with radiant heat, also had huge termite problem some years ago, 2 full bathrooms which were remodeled involving removing tubs and replacing with floor showers, also termites were found in walls and floors which were treated, studs replaced and ceramic tile used on walls and floors. Jen, it depends on how many flies are down there, how many traps are down there, and how readily the flies are going to the traps. Yes the floor drain in the Laundry room, which has a p-trap, is there just incase the hot water boiler ever leaks and is connected to outside instead of our sump pump, just incase there is a flood and our electricity doesn’t work, the water can flow out.
Using a sanitation drain product like Invade Bio Drain will help destroy the breeding area if they are breeding in the drains. If the drain flies get stuck on the tape as they exit the drain, you know you have drain flies.

The sewers and pump pits need to be checked for activity even if it is not close to where the moth flies have been seen flying.
In most cases where moth flies are breeding in this area, adult flies will begin emerging from the hole within minutes.
Both of these traps have patented green bulbs with a light spectrum range to attract the smaller flies.
I know it sounds like overkill, but you need to do everything you can to get every last bit of organic matter out of the drain.
However, there are a number of products made specifically for controlling drain flies by destroying their breeding grounds.
This nontoxic, completely environmentally safe and natural drain cleaner has been around for years. Not only can it be used in the mop water for cleaning built-up grease and organics as the name suggests, but you can also use it as a drain cleaner as well.
Had problems with ants but sealed out side of shower with caulking, no problem until 3yrs ago my husband placed on home dialysis with over 3500L of drainage daily to shower with no window, we were told by dialysis center to use bleach to clean and in drain, the BR is clean, but now have bugs coming out of floor drain, flying low and nothing seems to work.
They even come out of the washing machine and I thinking where the washing machine pipe goes into the drain. I am worried that they are somehow coming from our sump pump which is just used for the basement…because it seems they are coming from all drains.
Adult flies then enter the living space above the slab through cracks in the slab and back through the drain pipe. Drain flies are strongly attracted to light and will fly to the hole drilled through the wall.
Before doing this, though, run lots and lots of water down the drain to make darn sure you’ve flushed down all of the drain cleaner. There’s much speculation that because of where drain flies hang out, they carry all sorts of bacteria and harbor disease.
Just discovered black worm things in my stand up shower, and after researching determined they are drain fly larva. Just tried baking soda and white vinegar and cleaned all black muck out of drain overnight but their back, will try cleaning down in drain, and other remedies mentioned on this post. When the eggs hatch (after two days or less), the drain fly larvae live in and eat that organic matter for somewhere between 9 and 15 days before emerging as adults. It uses bacteria cultures and enzymes to break down that lovely organic stuff that drain flies like so much. The good news we went from 2-3 flies a day to 20 days fly-less, to only one adult fly exactly one week apart in the past 14 days. I determined them as drain flies a long time ago but they seemed to show up on an irregular basis.

There shouldn’t be much build up in any of the drains other than the washing machine. But before you freak out, make sure that what you’re looking at is actually a drain fly (see below). To find out for sure, grab a piece of tape, lay it sticky side down covering about ? of the drain in question, and continue checking it for the next few days. What there is evidence for is that if you have a large drain fly infestation, you are at risk of developing bronchial asthma from breathing in dust and body parts from dead drain flies. The only thing I can think of right off hand is the overflow pipe (the drain that’s higher up in the tub).
Once I unscrewed the guide and removed it from the rail I saw 5 or 6 drain worms come from where the guide was. My husband got some pipe cleaning foam and went to work on all drains again including one in the floor. Apply using a B&G VersaFoamer HH or sprayer to cracks, crevices and drains where small flies breed. During the day they spend most of their time hanging out on walls and other flat surfaces, which makes it easy to kill drain flies.
I have cleaned the drains in that room, it’s a second story bathroom, and there appears to be no leaks, we checked the toilet, etc and there are no signs of them there.
When you’re done plunging, fill the largest pot you have with water, boil it, and dump it down the drain. Invade Hot Spot is a spray foam that also uses microbes and citrus oil and is good for floor drains and around drain pipes.
If you’re looking for something to kill the adult drain flies before you start working, Invader HPX (active ingredient propoxur) is worth looking into. If measures aren’t taken to get rid of drain fly larvae and drain fly breeding grounds, you will never be rid of them.
Lots of mature trees) and that back up lead to that drain being uncovered for a week or so before I put down a new rug. The latest activity was two larve two days apart on the lip of the shower right next to the caulk I replaced and then the two drain flies a week apart low on the shower stall close to the door frame. Trying to be patient but I want to continue to clean the drains so looking for an effective gel.

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