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Cat Fleas are a very common problem and most cats will become infected at least once during their lifetime.
The best way to prevent cats with fleas is to make sure your pet never gets infested in the first place. Once you know for sure that your cat does have fleas it is important that you treat both your cat and your home as soon as possible.
While doing this is it is good cat care to make sure you eradicate them for good, so as not to have a re occurrence of the problem in a few months time.Firstly, you will have to treat the cat fleas on your cat and any other animals in the household.
Our cat Mo was and it was terrible to see her scratch herself almost to bleeding and running around the room frantically trying to get away from the discomfort she was obviously in.

There are several different types of flea treatments available both over the counter and from your vet. We took her to the vets straight away for treatment.Flea control for both you, your cat and your home should be a priority. It has been observed that cats in poorer health and in a weakened state are more prone to flea infestations. Most commonly around the neck and tail areas.If you see any of these symptoms or even if you just want to make sure your cat is flea free, the best thing to do is to buy a special flea comb and stand your cat on paper while you gentle comb through their fur.
So making sure your cat is in tip top condition and being fed the best quality food will also help prevent the little critters from invading your home.Grooming your cat regularly can also help prevent fleas becoming a problem as you will be able to remove any eggs which may be caught in the fur.

A couple of fleas may get caught in the comb but you are more likely to find flea droppings. I personally would recommend you try something else other than a flea collar as they can have some terrible side effects. My cat rescue friend in America has seen some terrible reactions to these collars and she tells us about her experiences with flea collars here.

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