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Your pets can get bugged by fleas often and they need your attention and care to get rid of these fleas.
It will be more beneficial if you mix 3-4 oils together and then pour 2-3 drops of such an oil blend on your dog’s collar. Sprays are yet another effective way to prevent flea from disturbing and harming your dogs.
As cats always lick themselves, it is of great importance that you use such things on them for flea control that remain safe for consumption. When your cat is infested with fleas, you may use higher amount (about 1 tsp) of neem oil to shampoo but keep the ratio low when you do it just for preventing fleas.
Diatomaceous earth (DE) is 100 percent natural as they are the fossilized remains of algae.
For the first few days, rub your cat’s fur with DE everyday and then make it a weekly ritual for the whole fleas season.
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You can also use insect growth regulators which help to disable flea’s reproduction and allow controlling their further growth. Several unhealthy food items can cause skin allergies to your dog and will allow fleas to feed on weak skin and reproduce quicker. While there are a whole lot of medicines for your dogs and cats, they are not safe for them.
If you worry about harming your dog with such strong oils, you may dilute the oil by mixing it with 2-3 tablespoons of water.
Start from the neck, apply shampoo thoroughly on your dog and leave him in water for at least 10 minutes. You can get a flea shampoo from your local market but it’s better to buy the one that have Pyrethrin in it which is very effective and safe to be used on dogs. Different collars are made with varying specifications and sometimes can leave dangerous effects on your dog.
Therefore, improve your dog’s diet to ensure proper working of his immune system to help fight against such parasites. Several insects and fleas are found on ground and plants which can easily make your dog their host. While you can always spray them on your dog for a nice glow along with preventing fleas, you may use these solutions as collar dips or just spritz the collar with it. The fleas cant’s stand the sharp edges of DE which is made of silica and which cuts through their hard shell. Pennyroyal, listed above, contains the chemical pulegone which can be fairly toxic for humans, dogs and cats.

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Infestation from fleas can cause irritation and severe itching to the dog and can also take a chronic form of skin allergy. However you can save your money and time by following the precautionary steps and natural procedures, mentioned in this article, to get rid of dog fleas.
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