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Bed Bugs are a very common problem these days, and almost everybody has dealt with a bed bug infestation at least once. You may use a combination of vacuuming and some light natural insecticides for this, because if it turns out to be that your mattress serves as a host, washing it would be impossible – at least not without turning your mattress into the proper environment for mold and mildew to develop, both of which are more dangerous than the bed bugs. If you opt for the concentrated form, then you can easily add a few drops of the oil across the corners of the bed frame and the strong scent will last for days – not only will it destroy the existing bed bugs and their eggs, but will also leave a pleasant smell that will certainly appeal to you.
Another efficient way to get rid of beg bugs naturally and efficiently is by simply vacuuming everything you can get your hands on, from the chairs, carpets and soft furnishings to the box springs, the curtains and the mattresses.
High temperatures kill everything, from bed bugs and mites to bacteria and microbes, and this is the best way to sanitize your clothing and bedding. Steam cleaning is highly efficient for killing bed bugs, as neither the bugs nor their eggs can tolerate the steam. You can use the services of a professional who has state of the art, portable steam cleaning equipment or you can buy a small handheld steam cleaner that has a strong vapor flow and do it yourself (these devices come with a plethora of different attachments that allow you to access even the most troublesome spots). Tea tree oil is one of the “miraculous essential oils”, and for a good reason: not only does it smell diving, but it also has strong antibacterial properties and it can also eradicate all the bed bugs in your home. Also, you can make a 2% solution that consists of tea tree oil and lukewarm water, then place it in a spray bottle and spray all the beds, the carpets, the furniture as well as linens with this solution, and repeat the process once a week or bi-monthly, depending on how severe the bed bug infestation was. TweetIf you’ve discovered bed bugs in your home or apartment, then you know how important it is to find a reliable way to get rid of them quickly and effectively. Let’s face it, having bed bugs professionally removed can be quite expensive, especially if you opt for the heat treatments that are quickly becoming all the rage. Once on the brink of extinction, bed bugs survived this crucial time, and eventually developed tolerances for lesser chemicals and pesticides, as well as some stronger ones as well.
Heat treatments are also being used, which is a much less invasive way of dealing with the hassle of a bed bug infestation. Lately, there have been many news reports about the growing problem with bed bugs.  As a Realtor working in the Real Estate  industry it is always important to stay up to speed with current laws and issues facing both buyers and sellers of homes and other property.
Some quick interesting facts about bed bugs: They are usually less than a quarter inch in size, can not fly, come out mostly in the evening and are not known to spread disease although there is some on going debate about this.
Bed bugs were common in the United States prior to World War II but became rare after widespread use of the pesticide DDT in the 1940s and 1950s. Bed bugs can live in any area of the home but tend to be found in areas where people sleep like beds and other furniture.
Bed bugs are most active at night and will bite exposed areas of skin while a person is sleeping.

Bed bug bites can be mistaken for flea or mosquito bites or other types of skin conditions, since they are difficult to distinguish from other bites. The other way to try to determine if you have bed bugs is to visibly check for fecal stains, egg cases, and shed bug skin in and around the bed. If you find you have a bed bug problem in your home and need a recommendation on a good Massachusetts pest removal company shoot me an email or give me a call and I will give you the bug company I refer all my Real Estate clients to when they have a pest issue.
About the author: The above Real Estate information on Bed bugs was provided by Bill Gassett, a Nationally recognized leader in his field.
Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that everyone should know about.They are able to carry the infections and should be removed immediately! Not only are the bites very annoying and potentially dangerous for your health, but it is also very difficult to actually get rid of the bugs without using the services of a professional exterminator.
Also, it is of utmost importance to make sure that you have removed all the eggs as well, otherwise all your work will be in vain.
It efficiently kills the bed bugs and all their eggs, and all you have to do is to gently sprinkle the powder in all the places where the bed bugs gather. That being said, it was proven that lavender oil acts as a natural and efficient bed bug repellent, as the bugs seem to hate the smell and taste. Bed bugs can basically hide everywhere, especially in obscure places, and it is not uncommon to even find them in your electrical appliances.
Once you have done so, make sure to thoroughly dry them in the dryer and then put them in clean plastic bags to prevent further infestation with bed bugs.
Steam everything, just like you did when you used the vacuum cleaner, from the bedding and the furniture to fixtures, cabinets, flooring, wall cracks and any other object that may seem like a good hiding spot for bed bugs. You can use the tea tree oil to thoroughly clean your home, and even to add a few drops directly on the bedding and clothing, when you launder them. Be it Rats or ants our Borough of London company can assist you with the removal of flies, bed bugs and rodents such as rats and moles. If you don’t take the necessary steps needed to ensure that EVERY bed bug in the home is eradicated, then the cycle may keep on repeating.
Well, the infestations by this bug had virtually gone away, since the 1970’s and the days of spraying and dousing everything in sight in order to permanently remove pests. Once the temperature reaches 140 degrees or more, the bed bugs start to immediately die off.
Like any other known defects in a home, a bed bug problem would be an obvious disclosure issue.

Over the last year we have found out that is not the case as reports have surfaced about bed bug problems in many major metropolitan areas.
The bugs remained prevalent in other areas of the world and recently have been increasingly observed again in the U.S, most likely due to increases in travel and immigration from developing countries as well as restricted use of stronger pesticides.
They do not infest the sleeping surfaces of beds as much as cracks and crevices associated with the bed frame and mattress.
Bed bugs also have glands whose secretions may leave odors, and they also may leave dark fecal spots on bedsheets and around their hiding places usually in crack or crevices in the room close to the bed. Most of the time a bed bug infestation will require treatment by a local pest-control company. Since beds cannot readily be treated with insecticides, most of the time it is necessary to get rid of infested mattresses and beds. I always thought (assumed) the bed bugs could live in beds and other type of furniture, clearly not just ANYWHERE on the house. In fact, this is the most reliable way to kill bed bugs, but it’s also the most expensive and the most difficult.
Bed bugs have been found in both homes and the workplace, infesting both urban and suburban areas. Both of these reasons may be factors that have led to the recent increase in bed bug problems. Other places where bed bugs can be found include curtains, carpet, inside dressers and other furniture.
Fecal stains may suggest that bed bugs have been present but do not confirm that the infestation is still active. The treatment must be applied to all areas where the bugs are found as well as spaces where they may crawl or hide. If you are selling a home and discover you have a bed bug problem, you better make sure you disclose this fact to the buyer.
Any Realtor who becomes aware of a bed bug issue should insist on being able to inform a potential buyer. An unusual symptom of bed bug bites is the tendency for there to be several bites lined up in a row.

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