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We get the most calls about paper wasp in the early spring when the queens that hibernated through the winter emerge to go and find a new nesting site.
There is little that can be done to prevent wasp from emerging in the spring and flying around, and they pose little to no threat to most people. Wasp are not aggressive like hornets and yellow jackets and rarely sting unless provoked although, their sting are very painful.

This website its pages and contents are the property of Georgia Bee Removal LLC unless otherwise noted. It's only after these wasp have selected a nesting site that they can be sprayed with any common wasp and hornet spray.
Wasp eat nectar, but are known for their carnivore tastes for other insects such as caterpillars, beetle larva, and flies.

While honey bees help to pollinate gardens wasp will help to keep gardens free of other insects that may harm your plants.

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