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The Florida carpenter ant complex is comprised of several species, two of which are common around structures: Camponotus floridanus (Buckley) and Camponotus tortuganus (Emery). In a survey of common urban pest ant species covering four metropolitan areas of Florida (Daytona-Orlando, Tampa Bay area, Sarasota-Ft.
The antennae of Florida carpenter ants are 12-segmented, with the terminal segment being slightly elongated and bullet-shaped, and without a club. Carpenter ants foraging in homes can be in search of sweets or moisture, or even new nesting sites, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, or other rooms that have water leaks from plumbing or leaks around doors and windows.
Carpenter ants, like many other ants, will trail along wires or cables that may be attached to homes and serve frequently as access routes for them to enter attics and other above ground areas. Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Camponotus floridanus is found widely distributed throughout Florida and some neighboring states, while C. Female alate (reproductive) of the Florida carpenter ant, Camponatus floridanus (Buckley). Male and female reproductives of the Tortugas carpenter ant, Camponatus tortuganus (Emery). Worker and male reproductives of the Tortugas carpenter ant, Camponatus tortuganus (Emery). Adult workers, and brood (larvae and pupae) of the Florida carpenter ant, Camponatus floridanus (Buckley). Florida carpenter ant workers, Camponatus floridanus (Buckley), from neighboring colonies fighting.

House-Infesting Ants of the Eastern United States, Their Recognition, Biology, and Economic Importance. 1995 found that infestations of Florida carpenter ants accounted for approximately 20% of all ant complaints by homeowners.
The adults that emerge from this brood will be small ants called minums, and they take over the queen's brood-tending functions so she can concentrate on laying eggs.
Carpenter ants are finicky eaters and tend not to recruit in large numbers to any food source thus decreasing the efficacy of insecticidal baits.

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