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We are experts in the removal, control and eradication of rodents including rats & mice.
You will usually find your rodent pest problem during certain times of the year, as the weather can affect their numbers and homes. Rodents are known carriers of approximately 45 diseases, including salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, leptospirosis, swine dysentery, trichinosis, toxoplasmosis and rabies.
My chickens have been using Grandpa's Feeders for three weeks now and every one of them, from the heaviest to the lightest bird is comfortable using it.

Usually rats and mice choose to live in fields or outdoors, but with the increase in rain they, like you choose to find more suitable accommodation and food sources, sheds, homes, business premises where it is dry and warm. Leaving a rodent problem for too long can become more costly to treat, and early phone calls save time and money.
Mice and rats can carry disease-causing organisms on their feet, contaminating ten times the amount of feed they consume with droppings, urine and hair. I appreciate that the feed is secure, that my chickens aren't billing it out onto the ground, that I don't have to fill feeders as frequently as I had been and that my birds are eating clean feed 100% of the time.

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