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Squirrel Trapping - Squirrel Traps, Mink Traps, Rat Traps, and Other Small Pest Traps - Kania Industries Inc. This trap effectively catches and kills Eastern Grey Squirrels while posing very little risk to non-target wildlife or pets. The Kania Trap 2000 is considered by wildlife control officers and wildlife managers as the safest setting trap and most humane killing trap on the market today. Kania Trap 2000 is currently certified for use under the Pest Act in the United Kingdom - Spring Trap Approval Order 1993. Kania Trap 2000 should be secured to the tree trunk where the Eastern Grey Squirrels have been observed at 5 to 7 feet above the ground to prevent access from Young Children and other Non-Targets.

To achieve the best results the trap should be set close to either Bird Feeders or Nesting sites. Traps can also be secured under roof eves, inside attics, or locations on houses where squirrels frequent. Release the trap spring in early morning to prevent catching non-target species such as Western Red Squirrels or House Cats. Do not use meat bait for Squirrels or Opossums, as this will draw un-wanted species such as Racoons, House Cats, Dogs and other Non-Targets. When demonstrating or test firing the trap always use a Soft Substrate such as a rolled up newspaper to fire the spring.

In trials on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, no non-target wildlife (birds or mammals) or domestic cats have been caught in this trap. Once the firing spring goes off, there is no handling of a distraught captured squirrel or re-locating such as with a live trap.

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