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Hitman Professional Pest Control treats more properties for rats and mice than any other pest control company in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Prior to carrying out treatment against rats or mice, a thorough inspection or survey of the property, site or area should take place to decide on the extent and size of the infestation.
Unless the bait stations are left in position as part of pest control contract, on completion they should all be removed.
There are many natural methods that you can use to deter rats if you have them in your home. Some of the methods that have been proven to be very effective include peppermint oil (NOT EXTRACT), urinal cakes, cat litter and predator urine pellets.
For over 20 years, EnviroTech’s rat pest control experts have been around protecting households and families. After we safely remove the rat, we find and secure entrance points, such as holes, wires, cracks, and beams – anything they might use to reenter the structure.
Our rat pest control experts will then complete a proper cleanup to ensure the animal’s harboring area and feces are cleaned up and thoroughly sanitized. The rat is a small scavenger mammal that has proved to be a pest in both urban and rural areas where rats are normally present due to an abundance of food. Rats can breed even more efficiently than rabbits and large infestations can quickly develop if not controlled. Rats can gain entry to structures by gnawing, climbing, jumping, or swimming through sewers and entering through toilets or broken drains.
Among the diseases rats can transmit to humans or livestock are murine typhus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis (food poisoning), and ratbite fever.
Technicians should be certified pest management professionals and fully licensed in the state. The company should be a member of a professional organization, such as the National Pest Management Association. Our cooler weather has caused a surge in mice and rat numbers in the suburban areas, according to industry experts, Amalgamated Pest Control.
The successful management of pests requires an understanding of the target pest ecology and habits.
It is the aim of the professional pest manager to undertake a program of Integrated Pest Management in the treatment of pest problems.

Cultural control methods of pest control such as improving ventilation to deter attack by termites or improving hygiene and sanitation measures to reduce the risk of cockroach infestation should always be undertaken, where possible, to make conditions less favourable for nuisance pests. Biological control methods such as the introduction of parasites or predators to eradicate a particular pest have a growing importance in Integrated Pest Management. The safest and most effective pest control program combines the use of more than one of the above measures, where possible, to make the environment less suited to the survival of pests.
Rats and their fleas are the principal vectors for bubonic plague, which caused millions of deaths in Europe in the past but most recently in China. In dealing with all rodent problems irrespective of the type of chemical control or trappings undertaken, the observant operator will always look for signs of poor sanitation and hygiene practices that, unless corrected, will continue to welcome these unwanted visitors. Hitman gives you a 12 month warrants on rats and mice which means if they do return Hitman will retreat.
As with any pest control method, be sure and keep all hazardous materials away from pets or areas with children.
These pungent cakes should be broken up into pieces wearing gloves, and spread around in the rat holes. The litter needs to be sprinkled with a little ammonia to intensify the scent and then placed in the area where the rats dwell. This method works in a similar fashion to the cat litter and is easier to obtain if you are not already a cat owner.
Our experts have a vast knowledge of humane treatments to evict rats from your home once and for all. Plague is a disease that both roof and Norway rats can carry, but in California it is more commonly associated with ground squirrels, chipmunks, and native woodrats. They also cause Hantavirus infection, Murine typhus, Leptospirosis, Salmonella poisoning, meningitis and rat-bite fever. We will definitely conduct a through survey of the premises and surrounding grounds to identify the type of rodent before any control method is implemented.
We use rat pest control rodenticides available only for professional use and are skilled in the full range of rat control methods.
They were referred to as Norway rats because they were thought to have traveled from the East on Norwegian timber ships. In very sensitive areas indicator blocks (non-toxic blocks) can be used contained within tamper-resistant bait stations (both for rats and mice).

If you have a large rodent problem, it’s often safest and more effective to contact a pest control professional.
This way the rats are able to leave and find shelter on their own terms, along with bringing their pups if any are present. If the door is made of wood, the rat might gnaw to enlarge the gap, but this might not be necessary. We use the rat control safely too, so no harm is done to children, pets, livestock or wildlife; we’re Wildlife Aware Accredited, specially trained in protecting the environment. For instance, housekeeping, stacking, proofing and cleaning etc all form part of an integral control programme.
Important considerations in domestic rat infestations are how the rats gained access to the building.
If in doubt, ring or email us for professional pest rat pest control, advice on pest proofing and how to get rid of rats. Professional rat catchers will block openings where rats enter the home with peppermint oil soaked rags. Control will therefore be achieved by placing a large number of small bait points rather than fewer bigger bait points.
Both rats are big but the brown rat is larger and can weigh over 500gm and be up to 30cm long. Rats kill hens, waterfowl and pet rabbits; ducks going missing from a pond needed rat control in Kinross to get rid of rats killing.
Rats carry fleas, tapeworms and diseases like food poisoning, spreading them and their droppings and urine everywhere they go.
They pass Salmonella and E.coli to fowl, so contract rat control in Perth is needed round commercial chicken sheds.

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