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Pest Control should be a part of any home or business maintenance plan, to ensure that Pests infestations never take hold of your premises. A professional pest controller should check for signs of rodent presence as a normal course when inspecting and treating for flea control. If you have any problems with fleas in your house and yard in Brisbane, North, South, East or West call us today. This entry was posted in Flea control and tagged flea control, flea control brisbane, flea control brisbane north, flea control brisbane south, flea pest control, flea treatment, fleas in carpet, fleas in house, fleas in yard. MacCotter Termite & Pest Control is a family owned business in Brisbane that specialise in termite inspection Brisbane and termite control, as well as pest inspection and control. In addition to termite inspection and control, we also offer a full range of services for dealing with general pest control including cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, rats and mice, fleas, wasps and carpet beetles.
We also perform timber pest inspections, pre purchase timber pest inspections (a must for prospective home buyers), termite barriers, termite eradication and termite treatment. There are many pests that damage lawns in South Brisbane, North Brisbane, Bayside,  West Brisbane area and the rest of South East Queensland.

Many home owners are so determined to eradicate these pests they spend small fortunes on DIY products purchased from supermarket and hardware stores. Lawns are expensive to establish and need proper care to protect them from the pest infestations that threaten to damage their health. This entry was posted in Lawn pests, Pest Control and tagged ant mounds lawns brisbane, ants in lawn brisbane, ants lawn south brisbane, ants lawns, lawn grub control, lawn grub control south brisbane, lawn grubs brisbane, lawn grubs south brisbane, pest control lawn grubs brisbane.
Whether you need help with termites, pests, rodents, insects or any other nasty, crawly creepy things, our fleet of qualified pest control experts can help. There are many ways you can protect your home and your trusted Pest Control professional can assist you with recommendations on which is the best option for you. A licensed pest management technician has the treatments and experience to fight against Funnel Ant infestations and provide effective, long term treatments. Dogs, cats, rats, mice, humans and any mammal available will all attract fleas for a blood meal. Our general pest treatments include cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants, wasps, rats and mice, bird lice etc.

We have branches throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and our service area covers all of the Gold Coast suburbs, the Sunshine Coast and Ipswich & Brisbane.
As an environmentally conscious business, we offer low toxic solutions to help with your pest and termite control problems. We take termite control very seriously as we know how much damage they can do, and our aim is to offer you the best form of pest and termite protection. Many home owners think it is too costly to call a professional pest control company to eradicate lawn pests so they go the DIY route only to find that after spending quite a bit they cannot solve the problem themselves. If you live in Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast and you want to protect your home against termites and other pests with an inspection and advice on prevention, give us a call.

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