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When marauding rats devour their grain, Mizo farmers turn the tables on the rodents, killing and eating them. Rats aren't good at moving long distances, so when the seed crop runs out they basically starve and go down to very low densities and live on everything, just like rats do in your dumpster.
Until there is a big bamboo seed crop, of course, and at that point mama rat makes six or eight kids, and they all grow up very fast and make more kids. A two-week-old litter of baby rats during the mautam, the local name for the mass fruiting of Melocanna bamboo that takes place only every 48 years. To help control rodent outbreaks, the Mizoram government pays farmers two rupees (about two cents) for every rat they kill. As for farmers in other parts of the region and in different years, a plague of black rats appearing seemingly out of nowhere sweeps through their fields, gorging on their crops.

Before we started killing very large numbers of them, salmon had evolved the behavior in which a juvenile salmon goes out to sea, lives for three or four years, growing up and getting very big and not reproducing during that time. But in its native home of India and Southeast Asia, Rattus rattus evolved to specialize on bamboo seed crops. Ultimately, research by rat biologist Ken Aplin, may help farmers like this man better prepare for and withstand the rodents' periodic mass invasions.
As long as there are written records, there are reports of how there was a plague of rats and then there was a famine. He's got a big silo full of grain, which is like one big seed crop, and the rats get in there, and then they begin reproducing like crazy. And a baby rat can be reproductive in six weeks, so with them you're talking about a very high reproductive response.

From the parent plant or animal's standpoint, the selection is to make a large number of kids, rather than to make each kid very well defended, very tough, very smart, very behaviorally resistant, or to hide them or anything like that. If I'm going to produce a very large number of kids, many of which are going to get eaten, but I want the kids who don't get eaten to have an open spot of sunny ground on which to grow, one way to do it is to literally kill myself.

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