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The mice glue traps manufacturers has uploaded 503 mice glue traps pictures for their mice glue traps products for sale, 1-20 mice glue traps images are displayed. Spiacenti, la vostra ricerca ' ratto trappole collanti ' non corrisponde ad alcun prodotto.
Formula 'B' Rat Poison is a professional-grade rodenticide containing bromadiolone at maximum strength.

As used by professionals, these rat glue traps are a heavy-duty industrial strength glue board, not to be confused with the lightweight card variety, which often fail to trap rats.
From Rentokil, the FM89 Beacon Advanced Mouse & Rat Repeller combines electromagnetic and ultrasonic technology to drive rats and mice from your home or business premises. Until recently Formula 'B' was only available for professional use; however, the latest UK HSE approval now allows us to offer this top quality rat bait to the amateur market.

4, For the best result, use more than one STICKY RAT MOUSE TRAP at time( 3-4 recommended) 5, Place STICKY RAT MOUSE TRAPS under the sink or on the building's edge where rats appear frequently, If no rats are caught 3-4 days, move the STICKY RAT MOUSE TRAPS to the new position and especially don't use in wet areas 6, If glue adhere to hand,clothes,carpet or household goods, it is easy to clean up with s piece of oiled cloth.

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