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During peak period of population build up, the adult beetle may be extracted from the palm crown using GI hooks. To prepare 10 litres of 2% neem oil + garlic emulsion, 200 ml neem oil, 200 g garlic and 50 g ordinary bar soap are required. Pour the 500 ml soap solution in 200 ml neem oil slowly and stir vigorously to get a good emulsion. Dilute this 1 litre stock solution by adding 9 litres of water to get 10 litres of 2 % neem oil + garlic emulsion.
Red palm weevil is one of the most destructive pests of coconut, oil palms and ornamental palms.
In case of young palms the top withers while in older palms the top portion of trunk bends and ultimately breaks at the bend (wilting). Remove and burn all wilting or damaged palms in coconut gardens to prevent further perpetuation of the pest.

Fill the crown and the axils of top most three leaves with a mixture of fine sand and neem seed powder or neem seed kernel powder (2:1) once in three months to prevent the attack of rhinoceros beetle damage in which the red palm weevil lays eggs.
This causes severe damage to palms in coastal and back water areas and in certain internal packets of peninsular in India. Swabbing with neem oil 5% once on the base and upto 2 m height of the trunk for effective control. Tree banding with inverted iron cones (Entry of rats on to the trunk can be prevented by fixing mechanical barriers upto 2m height from ground level using 40cm sized G.I. Poison baits prepared by mixing 95 parts raw rice, three parts coconut oil and two parts zinc phosphide are placed in active burrows. In coconut plantations in Kerala, seedlings are raised by sowing seednuts in the interspaces of coconut palms. The nematode infested coconut palms exhibit general decline, yellowing, button shedding, and reduction in leaf size.

Palms of all age are liable to be attacked but normally young palms are more susceptible, particularly during monsoon when the temperature is low and humidity is very high. In adult palms, the first visible symptom is the colour change of the spear, which becomes pale and breaks at the base and hangs down. The rotting slowly progresses downwards, finally affecting the meristem and killing the palms. Palms that are sensitive (Dwarf palms) to copper containing fungicides can be protected by mancozeb. The bright yellow colour of affected coconut palms is clearly visible from a great distance.

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