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I did have a couple of traps that seemed to be tampered with by the deer hunters but nothing was stolen. One train wreck I did have this week with the double long springs was putting them on drags for raccoon!
The last post I did I was finding raccoon walking right passed every bait I could throw at them. I start my hand on raccoon very soon and I have been scouring the internet for all I can for info on raccoon snaring. Most of the farmers hunt deer and the last thing I wanted to do is drive up checking traps while they are deer hunting.

It was not a big deal in the grass but in wooded areas I had some pull outs from the raccoon wrapping my 10 feet of chain over, under, around and through any thing it could!
The traps do not care what they catch and I do not have to care about what each critter wants to eat! On one trail going to a toilet into a tree hanging over a creek I put 3 dog proof trapas with 3 different baits and a dirt hole. Then the final trap I put in was a blind set as close to the tree as I could so he had to walk by the other 4 sets.
Heck I paid money to go to Texas to learn how to trap from Clint and still over looked the set.

Talking to all the trappers about different sets the blind sets were never really brought up.
This blind set stuff has really got me thinking, I used to cringe at the thought of using snares but seeing all the different game trails in the woods I want to put blind sets on I would need a peterbuilt to haul all the traps it would take to lock down a piece of property.

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