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Once we have successfully eliminated Carpenter Ants from your home you may choose to keep them away with our Annual Carpenter Ant Protection Guarantee! We utilize the most advanced application equipment available and have the experience and knowledge to design a Carpenter Ant Elimination Program to fit your individual needs. Consistent and regular quarterly service by a Pratt Pest Management NW professional is the best protection against Carpenter Ants and provides added security against other nuisance pest.

If you prefer, our exclusive Carpenter Ant Protection Program is a once yearly inspection and treatment service.
To provide a long term Carpenter Ant environment following a successful treatment program, we recommend you adhere to the following recommendations or ask your Pratt Pest Management Technician to provide a supplementary proposal to assist you. Carpenter Ants (Componotus spp) are wood nesting ants that can cause serious damage to structures by mining into wood to create nesting galleries.

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